From high atop downtown Jackson

Jackson downtown

Last Thursday night found me on the 11th floor of the Jackson Downtown Marriott Hotel.  While I enjoyed my room service meal of chicken milanese, with baby broccoli in beurre blanc, and smashed potatoes, I could not help but wonder what the meal would have been like had I dined there years ago when Chef Nick Wallace was in the kitchen.  My room service waiter was graciously courteous, asking “May I come in? Where would you like me to place your tray?  Shall I pour your wine for you?”  I am not a snob (I pour my own wine all the time), and I have a golden rule of treating service staff with respect and courtesy (whether it is the cranky person at Subway or a tuxedoed staff at a really nice restaurant), but it made me feel very nurtured and appreciated after what has been a difficult time for the past several weeks.

Jackson downtown skyline

I opened the drapes–my usual action when I am in a room with a view out, but not in, and savored the evening sunset.  Later after working a while on the assessment report due the following day while I had to be in Jackson representing the MS chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, I decided one more nurturing experience was in order…and shortly thereafter, my impeccable and tuxedoed waiter from earlier was bearing a tray with a chocolate lava cake topped with vanilla bean ice cream and a single-serving carafe of white wine.  I confess; I wondered what dessert would have been from a tractor-driving Chef Wallace.  But hey, one of these days, I will eat at his table and be able to answer the question for myself.

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5 Responses to From high atop downtown Jackson

  1. I always appreciate the person who brings me food and drink. I’m amazed at the number of people who don’t even acknowledge people or say thank you! Anyway, wine and chocolate makes everything better!


  2. Beauregard Rippy says:

    The sun rises in the evening? Who knew? LOL


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