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Water tower 1

Continuing with the little jaunt through Moorhead, Mississippi’s downtown commercial area, the Moorhead Public Works Administration swimming pool constructed in 1934 was located near this site.  The pool was completed on December 13, 1934 for a total cost of $6,995. According to the Enterprise-Tocsin (“Park renovation starts Saturday”), the swimming pool was located at the park on Brookside Avenue.

As early as 1895, the Moorhead Improvement Company was beginning to sell land and establish businesses in the new community.   Among the ones identified between 1895 and 1900 were the saw mill, heading factory, stave factory, cotton mill factory, oil mill, hardwood lumber company.  The town also boasted a “first class hotel”, several stores such as Matthews Hardware and Lawrence Merchandise, a Knights of Pythias lodge, and the Ameda Gordon training school.100 block Washington 2Unfortunately, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Resources Inventory database does not identify the majority of the commercial buildings remaining in Moorhead, nor any information related to their construction dates.  Most of them are centered along Washington Street 100-200 block, and a few along one block of West Delta Avenue. The building at 100 Washington looks to have have recent work completed.  The former Donald Drug Company was located at 116 Washington, the only commercial building identified by name.  Dr. R. M. Donald owned City Drug in the 1930s and after his death in 1936, his son assumed proprietorship of what was then renamed Donald Drug Company.  Most of the storefronts have been what is described as “unsympathetically remodeled” except for the recently spruced up building anchoring the corner now.

West DeltaWork is also being done on the corner of Washington and Delta Avenue, opposite the former Bank of Moorhead.

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  1. Beth says:

    So sad to see any little town in neglect. At least a little work is being done and hopefully that will encourage more.


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