Corner of Humphreys and Schley

Corner of Humphreys and Schley 6

The corner of Humphreys and Schley streets in Itta Bena looks like many of the small towns in the Delta, including the “unsympathetic remodel” of storefronts.  Imagine in 1902, and the excitement that electric lights brought to this street!  On east Humphreys, the post office added new boxes, fixtures, lock boxes, and electric lights.  Somewhere in the town, Frank Manson’s Itta Bena Mercantile Co. was in business and the Chattanooga Foundry was furnishing ironwork for storefronts and metal shingles.

Chattanooga Roofing and Foundry Co.

From left to right in the photograph above, 206 W. Humphreys, c. 1915 1.5 story brick building with Chattanooga Roofing & Foundry Co. columns; 204 W. Humphreys, c. 1900 two-story commercial brick building with Chattanooga Roofing & Foundry Co. columns; 200 W. Humphreys, former Bank of Itta Bena, 1904.

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2 Responses to Corner of Humphreys and Schley

  1. Susie says:

    Love the photos! Such a cool row of buildings despite, as you say, the “unsympathetic remodel.”


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