Morrow Grocery: Meats Feeds


Morrow Grocery on Main Street, Graford, Texas, was established in 1903 according to their Facebook page.  They operated a meat market in conjunction with the grocery store–you know, the way we bought meat before butchers were phased out of many grocery stores.  They also sold feed–the kind for livestock.  Horace Morrow was born in 1896 in Arkansas, and died in 1975.

According to the Palo Pinto County tax appraisal, the commercial buildings were constructed in 1940.  A family obituary indicated Horace started the store in 1944.  It is not clear to me how the 1903 date is connected, since Horace would have been 7 at the time.

The building, with its pressed tin ceiling, was flooded in 2015 when the city sewer backflowed 3,000 gallons of raw sewage into the store.  The current owners have been repairing and rebuilding since then.  According to the Facebook page, the Texas Municipal League declined to pay the cost of damage, and the insurance company denied the claim because they asserted the city was responsible.

A new business recently opened in the commercial building next door to Morrow’s–Bellino’s Italian Ristorante.  That building also has a pressed tin ceiling, but the tax roll does not indicate the date of construction.  While Graford, population just over 600, seems like an unlikely location for a restaurant of this caliber (check out their Facebook page!), it is always nice to see investment into historic buildings, and especially, in the communities.

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