Lost, Texas by Bronson Dorsey

Lost, Texas

My friend Jane is just the coolest friend ever.  Today, this present arrived on my doorstep with a note that said, “Saw this and thought of you!  It’s not New Deal but thought you might enjoy it.”

Oh yeah.  I discovered Bronson Dorsey through his blog Lost, Texas, and have seen a few of his pictures–some places I know from my first 53 years living in Texas, and many that I might have heard of, but never visited, and plenty that I never heard of or visited.  That is the thing about Texas–it is just a big ole place.

I well know plenty of the places Dorsey writes about: Archer City, Big Spring, Cisco, Eliasville, Scranton, Strawn, Colorado City, and Post.  Others, not so much, but I have certainly heard of them and read of them, and driven through them.  This is going to be a curl-up-in-bed-Saturday-morning-road-trip across one of the most diverse, varied, and incredibly beautiful places in the United States: Lost, Texas.



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  1. janebye says:

    Thanks! 🙂 So glad you like it!


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