Keesler Bridge, Greenwood

Keesler Bridge

Keesler Bridge spans the Yazoo River from Fulton Street on the south side of the river to Grand Boulevard on the north side.  As part of his January-October 1986 survey of historic bridges in Mississippi, Jack D. Elliott, Jr. surveyed the swing through truss bridge constructed in 1925 by the Riley-Bailey Construction Company.  The bridge last turned to permit river traffic to pass in the 1950s according to the official Greenwood city site.

Keesler is adjacent to the Cotton Row District, a section of Greenwood that still boasts some of its brick paved streets.  Brick was authorized as the paving material for Greenwood streets at the January 1924 City Council meeting (Greenwood Daily Commonwealth, 02 Jan 1924, p. 1).

The year 1924 should be one of civic progress for Greenwood.  As the year is ushered in, it finds, unsightly and unsatisfactory wood block with which the business streets have been paved being replaced with enduring brick.

The year should see the beginning of construction work on a new bridge across the Yazoo river to replace the present structure with is both inadequate and unsafe. (The Greenwood Daily Commonwealth, 01 Jan 1924, p. 2)

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