New Deal in Texas: Bunger PWA School House

front elevation 2

The Bunger school house is in Young County, just a few miles down the road from Graham, my home town.  It was completed in 1936 as PWA project W1255 and is rock veneer.  Miss Fannie Ragland was the county superintendent when the school was built.  The Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works funded the project.  The construction contract was awarded to Mont Groves of Olney, also in Young County.  Wichita Falls architects Voelcker and Dixon designed the school.

From appearances in June, the school is undergoing renovation, and I assume it is a private residence or will be at completion.  It appears that the north ell was converted to a garage/carport at some point since it mirrors the south ell and also has a finished interior.

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2 Responses to New Deal in Texas: Bunger PWA School House

  1. Sheryl says:

    It’s fascinating how this old school is now (or soon will be) a house. I wonder what it looks like on the inside.


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