Ruthie Foster at City Winery, Nashville

Two years ago I stumbled across an article on Ruthie Foster, the singer/songwriter/guitarist from a little place in Texas called Gause.  It did not take me long to fall in love with her voice and her songs, and her fine guitar playing.  I have used some of her videos in class a few times, and listened to her songs a lot.  Lo and behold, she was in Nashville Friday night, and Memphis Saturday night, and I told Rand “I really want to see this woman.”  He allowed as how he would rather go to Nashville.

I have not had a weekend or evening off since August 1, so we made plans and headed to Nashville, a mere 4 hour or so drive.    Her show was at City Winery.  It was a great venue, wonderful food, and good wine.  Our table was the second from the stage.  Ruthie Foster is incredible: funny, beautiful, talented, kind, gracious, and I could go on a while here.  The opening act was Carolina Story, who certainly made the wait for Ruthie Foster worthwhile.  Ben and Emily Roberts, along with steel guitarist Sam provided the perfect segue into a night of the vocals, music, and joy of Ruthie Foster.

See her; hear her.  And send a little joy along to your fellow travelers while you are at it.  We all need it right now.


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2 Responses to Ruthie Foster at City Winery, Nashville

  1. janebye says:

    Beautiful! You look happy! So glad it was a great time!


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