Taking the Trace to Natchez

Natchez TraceThis week was National Association of Social Workers, Mississippi Chapter, Annual Program Meeting in Natchez.  I left Monday after lunch and had planned to drive down on the Trace from Ridgeland just before Jackson.  The Trace is a 50 mph speed limit–though I found an alarmingly high number of people who exceeded that–so I had to think carefully about that for what has been in the past a 4 1/2-5 hour trip.  I decided it was worth it to me, and off I went to the Trace exit at Ridgeland…only to arrive in the shortest time ever, at 50 mph and no speeding.  On top of that, I have sorely needed some self-care, and once I crossed over I-20 and rolled on into the woods, the calm and quiet, the solitude, the peacefulness, I found myself breathing calmer and quieter, feeling a joy in the peaceful quiet even though it was still cold and in the mid-30s.Mississippi River at Natchez 1I checked into the Natchez Grand Hotel, overlooking the Mississippi Bridge, taking note of “how high’s the river, Mama?”Mississippi River at Natchez 2Since the Natchez side of the river is higher than Vidalia, it was more out of bounds on the Louisiana side.  Unloaded, unpacked, and early to bed as this was to be a long week…Mississippi River at Natchez 3…but one that would unfold in unexpected ways.

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4 Responses to Taking the Trace to Natchez

  1. Sheryl says:

    Beautiful pictures – though now I’m really curious about how your week unfolded.


  2. Beth says:

    A yes. The Trace and Natchez have always been a tranquilzing and refreshing experience for me/ . Waiting to hear more…


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