107-111 North Pearl Street

Front elevation

Another surviving Mesker Brothers storefront is located at 107-111 North Pearl Street, Natchez. The iron front was aded sometime between 1893-1897 according to the Sanborn maps for Natchez.  Mary Warren Miller, 1979, described the building:

Two-story fourteen-bay brick commercial building with pressed and cast metal second-story facade…first-story facade slightly unsympathetically altered.

Warren dated the first story as 1864-1886 and the second story as 1897-1904.  The 1886 Sanborn map showed the location as a warehouse.  The corner building that fronts on Main (visible below) was a dry goods store.

Side and front block elevation

By the 1892 Sanborn map, the bank was located in the building on the corner, abutting the former warehouse.  107-111 was occupied by offices, including one insurance office.  By 1897 Sanborn map, the building contained from the end corner toward the bank: Postal Telephgraph, barber, office, office, cobbler, and the bank in the building on the corner.  In 1903, the Postal Telegraph relocated to the Natchez Hotel on the corner (vacant lot in the photograph above).

Although not a feature of this post, the iron storefront on the upper floor of the abutting bank building reads 1889.  The bank was formerly occupied by the Bahin Dry Goods Store.  Following failure of the business, it was converted to the Natchez Savings Bank, the brick front removed, and the iron front installed in September 1889.

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