Nashville Weekend

John Mayall

Rand and I went to Nashville Sunday and Monday for a quick birthdays (both of us this month!) celebration.  John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers were playing our favorite venue, City Winery.  Opener was Tommy Odetto, an ‘artist to watch’ said Guitar Player.  Mayall and the band put on an amazing show following Odetto’s outstanding guitar work, and I will do a proper follow-up salute to them later this week.

As I said, it was a fast trip, and we headed home Monday morning, counting cranes–the ones attached to buildings, not the birds.  We overheard the waiter Sunday say there were more cranes in Nashville than anywhere.

City of cranes

While we cannot verify that, we counted about 10 from the few blocks from our hotel to Interstate, so he well may be right.  There is so much construction going on, that in 2015, someone started the Nashville Crane Watch.  It has recently been revamped because of the growth and the current number (cumulative since 2015 I presume) is 190.

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4 Responses to Nashville Weekend

  1. Sheryl says:

    The week-end in Nashville sounds wonderful. It is such a fun city.


  2. Beth says:

    Music City! Haven’t been there in a long time. I need to add it to my travel to list.


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