Shrimp White Bean Bruschetta

Shrimp white bean bruschetta 2

How could anything so simple taste so good?  While reading the news in the Washington Post a few days ago, something called Voraciously appeared with a header about one pot-one sheet pan-one skillet meals.  I love to cook, and I love delicious and pretty food.    I picked 4 simple recipes that intrigued me with things I like and headed to my new best friend in grocery stores, the Larson’s Cash-Saver, independent and locally owned.

Let me just say that after the year or more I have been shopping there after I got annoyed with the large chain store due to a series of repeated mistakes, and the debacle that clinched the deal during my broken foot saga, I realized what a prize Larson’s is.  Ingredients in hand, I tried my first of the recipes for lunch today.  Yes, using frozen store-brand shrimp that quickly thawed in 3 minutes in a colander placed under cold running water, canned store brand white cannellini beans, canned store brand diced tomatoes, canned store brand tomato paste, deli French bread, store brand olive oil, and a couple of leaves of fresh basil purchased in the produce section, I made the most tasty, amazingly quick, and delicious meal with simple and mainly healthy ingredients.  The original recipe called for whole wheat crusty bread, which I love and do eat, but occasionally, I grab a white French baguette because…well, I like it and it tastes good.  Ten minutes prep, 15 minutes in the oven toasting the bread and heating the bruschetta, and a nano second to assemble.  Yes, I had seconds.


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  1. Easy is good! Looks great.


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