Buckingham Gate


Which building does not match the style of the others?  Yes, another of those somewhat jarring juxtapositions–and yes, my favorite word of the month right now.  This is Buckingham Gate road, which runs from Birdcage Walk along side of portions of Westminster Complex.  It has really been a fascinating tour to try to locate these spots from our 2006 visit, since obviously, much can change.  Google 3D has been an amazing help, and the most recent 2020 view shows the modern building (18 Buckingham Gate) under renovation.  It is office space with spaces for rent.


I had such difficulty tracking down the location for several reasons, not the least of which was we sometimes change cards in the camera so as not to have all the photos on one card in the event of mishaps until we can download.  In order to figure out where we were in some photos, I have to locate one that has a street name or business name and work from there.  Fortunately, I love photographs of signs, clocks, and unusual windows or buildings.  Two of the photographs (which were too blurry to use for posting, but gave me signposts) put me in the general vicinity, albeit on Petty France Street.  Finally from there, and using 3D, I figured out Buckingham Gate but could still not find a building belonging to the windows above.  The windows intrigued me because they look like some type of Brutalism architecture, which I came to appreciate thanks to Preservation in Mississippi.  Turns out, this is part of the Westminster Complex, but not readily visible from street view without shifting up.

Since we are in the neighborhood, I might as well detour back to Westminster and Buckingham, and come back to Modernism after a break.  After all, one can only view so many glass and steel buildings (or Brutalism) before needing a tad of tradition.


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