The Great Mississippi Tea Company: Black Magnolia

Black Magnolia

Black Magnolia, by The Great Mississippi Tea Company, is a first flush black tea, grown, picked, rolled, and packaged right here in Brookhaven, Mississippi.  Rakkasan Tea Company visited The Great Mississippi Tea Company back in May 2019 to pluck and hand roll some of the teas.  My “teamail” from Brandon at Rakkasan introduced me to the fact that tea growing was going on right down the road–well, right down the road in Texas speak–here, it is 3 1/2 hours, which folks think is a long trip.  I have actually been laughed at for saying I was going to “run over to Clarksdale” and it is only and hour and a half.  But, I digress.Tea leaves

I checked out The Great Mississippi Tea Company because I also like to support local businesses.  I ordered the Delta oolong, and the Black Magnolia black, as those were the only two available at the time.  This morning I finally got around to trying the Black Magnolia, and of course, it required being served in a suitably themed cup. It held a hint of sweetness, with a beautiful dark color, and aroma that possibly only Mississippi could create.  I enjoyed making a second cup, inhaling the pleasantly woody apricot and honeysuckle aroma.  It might become a favorite.magnolia cup

The tea cup is unmarked, and may be a knock off of the Homer Laughlin Gray Dawn Magnolia design.  Laughlin’s design had a pedestal cup with narrow band of color at the bottom of the cup, and rim of color with the magnolia in the center on saucers and plates.

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5 Responses to The Great Mississippi Tea Company: Black Magnolia

  1. Beth says:

    Definitely need to order some of their teas. They sound like a very responsible company worthy of support. Tea sounds good, too :).


  2. janebye says:

    Love your teacups and this one reminds me of some from Grandmom’s house when I was a kid.
    And your post reminds me I need to get out my MS tea again. I have such a cabinet full of teas that I will never get through them all. 🙂 I should take this quarantine period to do more tea sipping, that is for sure.


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