Harmony House “Vintage” and No. 10 Jing Mai Shou Ripe Pu-Erh from 2017

Several days ago, I mentioned doing the pu-erh tasting, and this morning felt like a perfect day for it.  I went outside to see sunshine, blue clear skies, and things that are green and not yellow as the rain last night washed away the coating of pine pollen on everything.  I inhaled a deep breath as I looked at the sky and said “Thank You.”

So the tea for the day is from the Steven Smith Tea Company, their 2017 No. 10 Jing Mai Shou Ripe Pu-erh full leaf fermented tea from Yunnan, China.  This dark full-bodied tea is earthy tasting, and made in a gaiwan, will hold up to repeated infusion without losing the enticing aroma or lingering sweet finish.  Jing Mai Shou Ripe Pu-Erh

This is infusion 1.


This is infusion 2.

Infusion 6

And this is infusion 6.  Each infusion provides a slightly nuanced difference, but still rich, earthy, and delicious.  This pu-erh comes in a tightly compressed cake at $50 for a 7 ounce cake.  It has been well worth the cost, and stored in an airtight container for the past year, continues to age beautifully.


And, speaking of beautiful, Harmony House made the Vintage design in 1959.  It is described as

horizon blue, dawn gray, leaves/berries…on a footed cup with 22 K gold trim.

In 1959, you could buy a complete set of service for 12 for $29.99 at Sears in Nashville.  If in Florida or Hawaii, the price was higher.  I found this cup in a small store in Elbert, Texas, where my grandparents lived and my mother grew up.  It is owned by a long-time resident who has roots in the town and family who continue to live there.  I use it with my gaiwan, as the small amount will stay drinking temperature successfully.

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6 Responses to Harmony House “Vintage” and No. 10 Jing Mai Shou Ripe Pu-Erh from 2017

  1. Beth says:

    Do you ever wonder who owned the cup and how it came to be in that store?


    • Suzassippi says:

      Of course! I do know that she and her sister who co-own, clean out a lot of houses following estate sales or when an elderly parent dies or can no longer live alone, so probably from one of those venues. When we were finishing up Mother’s house at the end of the summer 2018 and right after I had been up to Elbert, we gave them a box of items for the store. Someday, someone will have something of Mom’s and might wonder where it originated. 🙂

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  2. peggyjoan42 says:

    It is nice to see sunshine and blue skies. The rain here in Arkansas has washed a lot of pollen away. Love Spring and everything is getting green – tinged with yellow flowers and yellow swallowtail butterflies. Took several pictures of the butterflies on our blooming blueberry plants yesterday. Love that tea cup from Harmony House. My husband and I do not drink coffee – we drink herb tea every day. But our tea comes from a tea bag. So perhaps we are not the tea drinker that you are. Stay safe and well in this troubled time. Peggy


    • Suzassippi says:

      I also have Twinings Earl Gray and Bigelow Earl Gray in tea bags. Some times you just want a quick cup of easy tea. :). And yes, the rain washing away the pollen was wonderful!


  3. janebye says:

    I remember walking through a few estate sales, struck with a deep sadness about all of these beautiful things that someone once loved and now were being discarded. No one in their family wanted them and they were being sold off to strangers. I’ve changed my mind over time, though, and see that they are most likely being passed on to someone else who will love them in a different way and the cycle will continue. I keep reading all these articles about how our kids and grandkids don’t want our junk so I am hopeful someone somewhere will love my stuff. 🙂


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