Lord Bergamot No. 55 in Tijuana


Edwin M. Knowles took control of the Potters Supply Company in East Liverpool, Ohio, and by 1900, founded the Knowles China Company.  The plant for Knowles was located across the river from East Liverpool, in Chester, West Virginia.   The company stockholders met June 19, 1900 and amended the articles of incorporation to change the name to The Edwin M. Knowles China Company (The Stark County Democrat, June 26, 1900, p. 8).  In 1934, Edwin M. Knowles China Company celebrated the 35th year anniversary with a full-page ad in the East Liverpool Evening Review.  

Tijuana (sometimes identified as Tia Juana) pattern was introduced c. 1940 according to Replacements LTD.  I located one piece of the pattern online that showed a 1939 manufacture date on the stamp.  The newspaper archives do not identify the Tijuana pattern during the 30s-40s, but with the prolific abundance of Knowles’ designs, that may not be very surprising.

Lord Bergamot No 55

Today’s pour is Steven Smith Teamaker’s No. 55 Lord Bergamot.  This is my all-time favorite Earl Gray, as the aroma of bergamot is very pronounced.  Bergamot is also useful in combatting nausea and anxiety according to webMD, and is used in aromatherapy.  Perhaps we should all have a cup a day during this anxiety producing time.


The designs prominently featuring Tijuana show a red rim on many of the pieces, although this may have been simpler and less colorful since it was produced after the US entered World War II as the date is 1945.  I did locate both red-rimmed and plain Tijuana/Tia Juana designs from 1939 and 1945.  Sadly, the Edwin M. Knowles company discontinued production in 1962, shortly after US Congressional hearings in 1961, where pottery manufacturers testified regarding the continued impact of cheap imported dinnerware from countries paying low wages, and the impending demise of all US pottery manufacturers.  Nothing changed, and a year later, a company providing employment and goods since 1899 was no more.

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4 Responses to Lord Bergamot No. 55 in Tijuana

  1. Beth says:

    The pottery design reminds me of Beatrix Potter, soft colors and the shelf with pots hanging from it. A soothing cup to enjoy a cup of tea.


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