Cake for breakfast: It’s a holiday!

cake for breakfast

That’s right–we are off today, and I needed some self-care.  Since I completed the tea cup/tea series, I have been thinking about teapots, and creamers, and sugar bowls.  I collected tea pots for quite a while after Mom gave me her vintage tea pot featured in an earlier post.  Many years ago, one of our friends went to empty trash into the dumpster one night and found a large stash of teapots had been thrown in the dumpster behind a Chinese restaurant and rescued one for me.

After hours of diligently searching, I find it is the H. F. Coors Company “Chefsware” line of restaurant dishes.  It was marketed as an individual serve teapot.  Both Hall China and McNicol manufactured similar designs.  The difference is the Chefsware has a lid stop on the rim, and Hall’s does not.  It has a stamp on the bottom which is too worn to be clearly legible.  All of the manufacturers during that time period used several varieties of both impressions and stamps.  I came into possession of it in 1977 or 78.

Rim and lid

The restaurant was in downtown Abilene, and a search in the newspaper archives indicates the restaurant at that location was opened in 1976, and in fall of 1977 was re-opened after being remodeled.  It is possible during the remodeling that the teapots were discarded in favor of a newer design, possibly one of the stainless steel models that might have been thought to keep the tea (or water) hot longer.  The archives end in 1977 for Abilene, but the restaurant has remained in business, although moved to another location at some point.

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9 Responses to Cake for breakfast: It’s a holiday!

  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    That cake looks delicious. So nice to get such a lovely rescued tea pot. I often wonder why so many great things get thrown in the trash – give them away or donate them.

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  2. janebye says:

    Yum, cake and pie for breakfast are some of my favorite treats. I make extra pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving just so I can have it for breakfast for awhile. Love it that friends went into the dumpster for you. 🙂 The green is really pretty! I’m with Beth–it’s a shame so many things get tossed aside.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      I love pumpkin pie for breakfast, too. The teapot has always been one of my favorites, but I never thought to look it up after the Internet was developed. I am learning a few new tricks about searching when there is no marking on them, however.

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  3. Beth says:

    I could resist the cake easier than that teapot! It is bright and cheerful, just like a teapot should be – not stainless steel like it’s next generation replacement might have been!


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