Finding Purpose

Lately, I have had numerous dreams of “trying to get home.”  It began with the loss of my mother February 2019.  Mom crossing over was so much harder than Dad barely a year before.  I have always had dreams of my grandparents’ houses, and now I add my parents’ house to the mix.  Just a couple of days ago, I remarked to a colleague “I wish I still had a home in Texas to go home to.”  Currently, it is more of a longing to return to a time where things did not seem so overwhelming and out of control.  Of course, truth is, we never have control of most things; the world goes right on spinning on its axis and traveling around the sun.

Enter Purpose

Maggie Jack

R found this little cutie under the car yesterday afternoon.  He heard her crying and whining and went out to investigate.  She was collarless.  We went up and down the road and R stood at the bottom of the driveway to watch for anyone who might be looking for a lost puppy.  Meanwhile, she was fed and watered and crated for safety.  She already figured out the crate was her safe space, and willingly goes in, and is slightly hesitant to come out.

Puppies are like babies and kittens and baby birds: you just cannot help falling in love with them, in spite of the work involved.  We have all struggled with so much loss the last couple of months.  And then there was a puppy in need.  I was reminded of the year Baby Jessica was dropped down a well casing in Midland while playing hide and seek with other kids.  Out of work oil workers brought in equipment, and the nation was glued to the TV screen for days watching as they tried to rescue her from the well.  I was in graduate school at the time, and recall one of my classmates saying of why it mattered so much to us all: There is so much going on that we cannot do anything about…but one baby in a well, we can do something about.

Thank you for getting the ticks off

We removed the 4 ticks we found on her, and R went to the vet to pick up tick/flea tabs for a puppy.  We suspect she was dumped; the pull off across the road is a favorite dumping ground and over the years, we have rescued 3 other puppies and a number of cats who were dumped.  The ticks had not been on her long.  I checked the Lost Pet Facebook page and the local shelter, but she was not on it.  She is smart, and readily responding to positive reinforcement for coming, going in her crate, and pottying in the back yard.  Our dogs do not run loose; they are in the house, in the fenced yard, or on a leash.  It is safer for the dog and their humans, and any other humans who might encounter the dog unleashed.  After all, we literally rescued Roadie from the middle of the highway at the bottom of our hill.

Purpose: what gives us meaning and the reason to get out of bed.  This morning when I awoke, I was dreaming again of trying to get home.  I was in a strange city, and had somehow gotten on public transit and ended up far from home and unable to find my way back.  As I kept trying to find the right bus or train, I encountered many strangers in a frightening sense of lostness.  Yet somehow, I kept on resolving one mishap after another, moving further and further toward finding home. For the first time since all of this began, I hopped up instead of turning over and closing my eyes again.  After all, the baby had to be fed and taken outside to potty.

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10 Responses to Finding Purpose

  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    Ah such a nice post. Out in front of our house on the highway is a dumping ground for dogs. Sad. So glad you rescued Roadie – it seems your heart is already captured by this little creature. Yes, we all need a reason to want to get out of bed during this pandemic. We once owned a dog that looked just like Roadie when he was young. His name was Joe and he seemed to have 9 lives. We had him for 10 years until someone poisoned him. He finally ran out of lives. We missed him very much for a very long time. Good luck with Roadie.


    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you for your support, Peggy. I was not clear (sometimes in my head since I know what happened, I think others do too–LOL) but Roadie was one of the earlier rescues. He has been with us since 2008 when we rescued a litter of 3 pups dumped across the road in the woods. I was sitting on the front porch talking to R as he arrived home from work, and said, “there’s a puppy in the middle of the road.” We were able to place the other litter mates, but black dogs in Mississippi are the last to be adopted. Once his sister and brother had homes, we saw no option but to bring him into the flock. Probably the reason our household is comprised of 3 black lab mixes right now. 🙂

      This little puppy looks a lot like our beloved Jack, who we brought to Mississippi with us from Texas.

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  2. Beth says:

    There is nothing like a puppy to bring satisfaction and joy into our lives and fulfill the need to care for a living creature that is dependent on your care. Enjoy this baby, it’s a coronavirus bonus.


    • Suzassippi says:

      She is a sweetheart and seems to feel very safe and contented here. Sadly, Oxford has gotten much stricter about accepting surrenders, so I fear there will be more and more abandonment and there were already more than enough. If you cannot afford to feed, shelter, and provide medical care for a dog, you probably cannot afford to pay a $93 surrender fee per animal. One would hope at some point, we would see preventing unwanted litters as worthy of our time and money.

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  3. janebye says:

    Love your thoughts and I think we all do need purpose to keep us moving along even in the middle of a pandemic. I can relate to the feeling of wanting a home to go home to, too. Grandmom and Grandpop’s house was always my home base as a kid and an adult. After they were both gone and their house was sold, I felt a bit unmoored. Any time I’m in NJ, I drive by their house and wish we still had it in the family. 🙂 It definitely holds memories of a simpler, easier time in a safe place.


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