Happy Anniversary from Bob: 39 years

Monday, Randy and I celebrated our 39th year of marriage.  Frankly, “celebrate” is not an accurate description, but then there is that whole ‘cannot go out to eat’ or ‘cannot take a trip’ thing going on.  On the other hand, jeans and tee shirt, eating cheese and crackers while watching a movie was pretty symbolic: Marriage, like everything else, has its ups and downs, its sideways and backwards, its hills and valleys.  What matters is weathering the ride no matter if it is sunshine or storm.

Now, about my new friend Bob….Bob island

Most of the time, it is downright good to live with a couple of tech geeks.  After putting up with things in this house for the last 8 years when there was just way too much going on in Texas to be concerned about much in Mississippi other than surviving, we are getting ready to do some long-delayed home improvement.  While looking at kitchen cabinets and flooring, I noted Bob was on sale at Home Depot: Today Only!, Bob was $200 off.  With dogs in the house, that means a lot of dog hair.  I once said–only half-jokingly I admit–I knew it was time to vacuum when the dog hair reached the bottom rung on the chairs.  And there was the time my friend was visiting and asked, “Will it offend you if I sweep the floor?”  I said Heck NO!  Would you like to clean anything else?  It is my go-to line now that I need to invite Sheri to visit so the house gets cleaned.

So, back to Bob and the geeks in the house, Bob got here Monday, just in time for my anniversary present. I know the novelty will wear off soon, but so far, Randy and J have told Bob to “go” twice. Bob is not a substitute for a human vacuum machine, but he will manage to keep the dog hair to a tolerable level on a daily basis. When he is done, he goes “home” and recharges. I have all the earrings, necklaces, rings, or watches I will ever need. It is good to have my new Bob–he will bring me a lot more joy, and possibly, a dog hair free house. Here’s to a lasting love affair..with Bob.

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19 Responses to Happy Anniversary from Bob: 39 years

  1. Betty says:

    Bob sounds like the perfect gift! Happy anniversary!

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  2. That’s marvelous that you have Bob now. Happy anniversary!

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  3. peggyjoan42 says:

    Bob looks like a very colorful character. Ha Congratulations on 39 years of ups, downs, sideways, and backward moments that marriage entails. I have weather that storm called marriage for 58 years now.

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  4. Beth Barton says:

    Congrats on finding Bob on sale! I had bought my husband one (because he wanted one) and then, after he passed, I got another one for the basement. I got tired of rescuing them though and rarely use either one anymore. The basement one was kind of a kamikaze and would work at wedging itself under things like the treadmill or a cedar chest. It even has scrapes on the top where it forced itself under things.

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  5. Beth says:

    Perfect dog person gift! I have Rosie (the Roomba) (remember the Jetson’s maid, Rosie?) and I can’t live without her. This is my third one, the simplest cheapest one and it is the best. Dog fur and the nasty oak pollen in the spring have been controlled and my sanity somewhat restored! Happy Anniversary!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thanks, Beth! I had forgotten the Jetson’s maid robot! And now we really have them, although maybe not quite as talented as Rosie was. My niece bought the Roomba when she moved into her gazillion square foot house with all hardwood floors. We did the comparison and decided of the two models that were similar, Bob would work better for us as it would hold more and we have 3 dogs in the house now–all labs which are big shedders. Speaking of dogs, Roadie was not impressed when he was following Bob around and Bob turned into his leg. 🙂

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  6. Congratulations to you and Randy on 39 years! Marriage is sometimes just being practical and a Bob can be better than diamonds. May your relationship with Bob be as successful as your one with Randy. Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries at home is the normal for us. Cheers!

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  7. janebye says:

    Happy belated anniversary! Funny, we were just talking about whether we needed a Bob-like character to take care of the cat hair. I am not that fond of sweeping and vacuuming these days! Glad he gets a good review so far and may your relationship(s) continue to thrive. 🙂


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