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At last, a use for all those spider webs that appear overnight!

Raise your hand if you know what a hummingbird does with a spider web…yes, PeggyJoan, I see your hand first! I am known to be quite impatient in waiting for the hummingbirds to appear after I clean and refill the … Continue reading

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A little Friday treat, or: Inspiration might be where you do not expect to find it.

My Rakkasan tea order came in this week, and once again I can enjoy my favorite: Nam Việt Earl Grey made with wild black tea from a mountain in the Yên Bái Province and  bergamot oil from the Reggio di … Continue reading

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When the cats and I are in a fog

The last days of August brought fog, mist, and rain.  The first days of September brought fog, mist, and rain, with interspersed steamy humidity and 90+ days, hot evenings, and just enough sun to make going outside only slightly less … Continue reading

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Mint in bloom: Smashing the garlic

Now that it is September, summer is over to me.  Oh, the weather will not change much for a while, but my herbs are in their twilight time.  I am the ungardener…I like my plants unruly and playing outside the … Continue reading

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