Now this is what I’m talkin’ about: My new BFF

Parking area

The weather has turned cooler here at last, and this is my favorite time of year: fall, when it is gorgeous outside. We have been awaiting this time of year to get started on all the outdoor projects that have been ignored for oh, give-or-take, 17 years and counting. To the uninitiated, Mississippi is a dangerous place to live, and not just for the reasons you might be thinking. I decided yesterday that there should be a law requiring mandated training for anyone who moves from Northwest Texas to Mississippi–merely for preventive proactive purposes.

There were the little things at first, granted. I mean you could leave your papers in a cardboard box in the pasture back home and when you needed your insurance policy 5 years later, they would still be dry and in pristine shape right where you left them. Here, the humidity makes my shoes rot in the closet. Between the kudzu takeover and the water erosion on the hillside, one might wonder why we decided to stay.

And then, Randy introduced me to my new Best Friend Forever. I told him this morning that I wanted to put him on retainer.

bucket truck and Bobcat

I have always had a deep and abiding respect for and admiration of the men and women who earn their living with physical labor. I came from a long line of working people who sweated in the swelter of summer and froze in the cold of winter. To me, it is a beautiful thing to watch someone who understands how to use heavy equipment (my dad worked for many years as a heavy equipment operator, running a dragline, bulldozer, and front-end loader) and understand how much you have to know to do it well and safely. Without them, we would be in a heap of a mess, and yet, we often do not appreciate them.

up on the hill

Tim and Bob took a break. Randy and J surveyed the work thus far and discussed a retaining wall. I climbed through the opening to gather up all the cat food dishes the raccoons have dragged up the hill for the last umpteen years. I also retrieved two wine bottles and an orange juice container. Who knew raccoons liked wine?

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6 Responses to Now this is what I’m talkin’ about: My new BFF

  1. kocart says:

    You are a wonderful writer. Thanks!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. peggyjoan42 says:

    Mississippi and Arkansas require drastic amounts of work to beat back the plants that choose to take over a person’s property. There is a saying in Arkansas – “Don’t stand still. You will either rust, mold, or become covered in Kudzu.”

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  3. Coping well with extreme environments requires a special kind of mastery. Not sure if it is possible to master raccoons, though!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Yesterday I went out to feed the cats, and there the three of them sat in a row, watching the back door…with a raccoon sitting next to them at the end of the line. You are right–no mastery!


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