“The Rock” but not Dwayne

The Roborock arrived Monday. After sending Bobsweep into retirement, Rando was leaning toward the Sharkbot. Next thing I know, he says the Rock is on its way. He did his due diligence with even more attention to the diligence this time and decided on Roborock. After a charge in the docking station, Rock got busy in the kitchen…and the living room…and the office which has carpet. He even “mapped” the hall in his computer brain, though he could not access the hall yet. When the Rock was full, the voice came on to announce “check the filter”. The voice sounds a lot like Nuvi…or Siri…or Alexa…you get it, the voice is a woman.

Rando opined that since it was a female voice, the Rock was not a he but a she and I had to call her Robbie. I replied

Behind every functional man is a woman telling him what to do and how to do it. The Rock is just good at following instructions. Really, who has ever heard of a woman called Rock?

Rock will even do the carpet exceptionally well. He goes under furniture, and as soon as Rando raises the doggie gate in the hall a couple of inches, Rock will do the hall. (Note, we learned a long time ago that with multiple dogs in the house, a hall gate prevented a lot of problems at certain times. Steffi and Abby love to play together, but Roadie is not a dog who accepts change well, and he is an elder, and does not appreciate a teenager climbing all over him.)

Rock will do the living room, small part of the hall this side of the gate, the kitchen/dining room, and the office in less time than Bob could do the kitchen/dining room. Bob could not map; the Rock can…and he goes in straight lines section at a time. When he is full, he returns to dock to be emptied and then resumes his work. “Full” is a relative term around here. Being able to have Rock clean up daily means most of the time, he will be able to do all of those rooms without being emptied. Yesterday, Steffi and Abby were rough-housing in the dining room, and though it was all in fun, the fur was still flying.

Rock is on Day 4 here, and so far, it appears he will be just what we need! And, there is that whole perk thing of Rando has the Roborock app on his phone, so he just turns Rock on, and off he goes. Too bad there is not a Rock to do dishes and clean the bathroom. Once again, I say

It is good to be married to a tech geek. 😍

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10 Responses to “The Rock” but not Dwayne

  1. Betty says:

    The Rock sounds like it is perfect. However, I have to wonder… with the Roborock app isn’t there an option in the settings where the voice can be changed? Since I love the Beatles, I get my GPS directions in a male voice which has a British accent. If I were you, I’d have some questions for Mr. Rando. In any case, enjoy your clean floors!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thanks, Betty. I have to admit, I kind of like her telling “him” how to do the floors. LOL. Are you ready for this: Rando even used the “mop” function afterwards–he may have used the Rock to do it, but pretty sure it is only the second time he has ever mopped a floor in 39 years. He only did the first time because the dog was sick and he did not really have a choice. πŸ™‚

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      • Betty says:

        It has a mop function!? I might have to look into that! Who cares what the voice sounds like!

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        • Suzassippi says:

          I think the jury is out on that–yes, the mop function works, but only with clear water–no cleaners. Now, granted, my mother mopped every day, but only with clean water from the faucet, never from a mop bucket. She could not stand the thought of mopping with ‘dirty water’ so she rinsed her mop in running water frequently while mopping a single room. I use cleaner, but directly on the mop and then rinse with clear, frequently while mopping a room. While I do many things differently than did my mother, apparently, mopping is not one of them. πŸ™‚

          If you started with really clean floors in the first place, it might be enough for routine maintenance and only need a ‘deep clean’ sometimes. I will check it out and report back!


  2. Betty says:

    Well, I wouldn’t be starting out with “really clean floors in the first place.” LOL. But I do agree about mopping with dirty water. I look forward to your mop report!

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  3. peggyjoan42 says:

    The She Rock sounds just fantastic. Yes, behind every man is a woman telling him what to do. Ha

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  4. Sheryl says:

    I haven’t gone the high-tech route to cleaning yet. I still use a broom and my 5-year-old vacuum.

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