Rando and the Rock Mop Hop

I finally conducted the necessary research to answer the question of Rando Rock vs. The Betty System. While I do not pretend that Rando and his computerized robot mop can hold a wet candle to the Betty System, I am quite happy with it for several reasons.

  1. I have had over a week of dog hair free floors, and never once did I have to vacuum. Randy has it set to run every day at noon, automatically. Yeah. Rock will turn himself on, depart the dock, vacuum, and return to the dock. All Rando does is pick up the dog bed, dog food bowls, and move the chair in his office.
  2. Last week, Rando and the Rock mopped the kitchen floor. The first time still left a lot, but I had to admit, it has been muddy and dogs do not wipe their feet, so I opted to save the research summary for additional testing. Even at that, it looked better than it had before. And did I mention I did not have to do it?
  3. A couple of days ago, Rando and the Rock mopped the kitchen floor again. Randy said he changed the water spray on Rock to the high setting (using most water), and sprayed the floor with the Mr. Clean/water mixture I keep in a spray bottle for the cabinet counters and accidents, as well as when I actually mop a floor. Noted improvement; floors looked adequate, and once again, I did not have to do it. Yeah again!
  4. Today, whilst I was taking a nap, Rando and the Rock mopped the living room floor. Now I am one to give credit where credit is due, and granted, Rando only has to pick up the dog bed and move the desk chair out, load the water, and spray the floor. Rock gets to do all the dirty work. True, Rando gets to rinse the micro fiber mop as Rock cannot yet climb up the cabinet and turn on the water taps to do that for himself without shorting out his battery. The results? Priceless. The living room floor does not take the beating that the kitchen does as there is not near as much traffic on it, and when there is, the mud has all been walked off in the kitchen/dining room and hall. [I know you are thinking Yeah for me! And I did not have to do it.]

I believe after all the years of rinsing out dirty diapers in the toilet, wringing out mops with my bare hands before they invented self-wringing mops–which still involve a certain amount of wet hands, that I am due this little respite. I shall revel in it, wallow in it, bask in it, and never ever learn how to use the Rock.

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8 Responses to Rando and the Rock Mop Hop

  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    Sounds like at long last you have found something that does housework good enough to make you a happy lady. In the old days – ringing out mops, etc. was no fun at all.

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  2. Beth says:

    Awesome! Vacuuming and mopping are two chores I can live without and having dogs, cats, and oak tree debris in the house is not conducive to happy living! I can’t live without my Rosie the Roomba, although she does not mop and does not turn herself on. It makes life so much easier to just start her up and let ‘er run! I do have to vacuum the small areas out of her ability to clean, but it is so much easier that the daily vac I was having to do!

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  3. Betty says:

    You are living the dream!!

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