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Ode to a change in plans: My motto these days…well, ok, always

People who know me are accustomed to my decisions part-way through a project to shift directions. I label it “flexible.” The original plan for this corner, after I cleared it of weeds, broken tile, a few odd marbles (?) and … Continue reading

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Memories from Thanksgiving Past

Mother and Daddy lived in the Texas Panhandle the first few years of their marriage–a time that brought them 3 children in a row. Dad was the foreman on a ranch near Canyon, and Mother, of course, was at home … Continue reading

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Base: Check!

I actually finished this part on Thursday and planned to lay the rebar and concrete it Friday…but then, my body reminded me that I am not as young and strong as I used to be. As I shared with my … Continue reading

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Sub-base: In process

It is kind of hard to think about naming a post that is moving so slowly toward the intended project outcome. This may turn out to be one of those “what was I thinking?” moments. A friend used to say … Continue reading

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Tiny steps of progress

I have spent most every day working in the yard this week…not this ⇧yard of course, but it is symbolic in a sense. I spent the better part of 3 days digging up broken tile from the small section around … Continue reading

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Veterans Day, 2020

Dad was 85 the year he rode in his first Veterans Day parade. Growing up, we heard the occasional stories of his experiences, but like many of the women and men who served during World War II, he did not … Continue reading

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Building the Table of Peace with Bread and Justice

Yesterday I shared my memories of the beginnings of my friendship with Jane in our common vision for a world of peace, justice, and equality. That friendship began to deepen in earnest when we attended the annual conference for NASW … Continue reading

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