The path takes a break for winter solstice

Yesterday turned out sunny and mostly clear, but cooler than it has been. Nonetheless, I donned a sweatshirt and laid 4 more rocks in the path. Remember those “can you find the differences between the two pictures?” puzzles in our children’s magazines?

In case you cannot find it, or never played, here is the answer! I decided I did not like the results for the last two rocks I laid on Monday–visible in the photograph at the top left. I re-set the square rock and moved the gray one down to a different location after trying various placements of the remaining larger rectangular rocks. That is all I will do for now as the rain will be here within an hour and the temperature has dropped again. It is unfortunately going to feel like winter for the next week, possibly longer.

Beyonce and Scruffy said they would manage. There is shelter to protect from rain and wind for all the kitties, but these two are smart enough to know it is warmer with two in the same bed, plus, one can keep an eye out for intruders. When it drops to freezing or below, they will room in together on the first floor rather than en plein air.

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6 Responses to The path takes a break for winter solstice

  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    Well, you are such an ambitious lady. Nice job on the stones. Like those 2 cats taking a cat nap together.

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  2. suzieflamingo says:

    Love the yellow and red rocks. Did you say you brought these back from Texas?

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Hi, Suzie, and thank you. Yes, I brought them with me from Texas. Most of them are sandstone, which is as common as dirt in the part of Texas I’m from. There were even a few courthouses built from locally quarried sandstone, but I do not recall how many.


  3. Betty says:

    The path is looking very charming. The cat in the back looks as if to say, “What are you doing? We are trying to sleep here.” Stay warm!

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