I have rectified the red rocks under the watchful eye of the red bird perched aloft in my red bud tree: The Pathway is finished.

Today was sunny, clear, and warm at 61. I headed to Home Depot for a bag of sand, another bag of paving sand, and 3 new plants. Rain is headed this way tomorrow, and temperatures in the 30s for the next few days until after Christmas. You sense my urgency, right?

The rain will (hopefully) wash off the sidewalk to the right where all my bricks and rocks have been stashed until today. I used the wonder bar (if you do not have a wonder bar, you need to get one–greatest tool in the world) to pry out the petrified wood rocks salvaged from Grandma’s (with her permission of course) and then filled in the rest of the space with flagstones remaining from Grandma’s, along with a few other colorful special rocks gathered here and there.

After completing the pathway (note: I call it that because it looks like one, but I have no intention of walking on it), I enjoyed the firepit while listening to the guys across the road in the process of laying fiber cable (yes, hopefully, my Internet woes are to soon be in the past). As always, a day out in the sunshine supercharges me, and gives me the wherewithal to approach another day. After all, if I do not get that Christmas tree up tomorrow, I might as well not bother.

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5 Responses to I have rectified the red rocks under the watchful eye of the red bird perched aloft in my red bud tree: The Pathway is finished.

  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    Such a busy lady. Loved that great weather yesterday, but on Christmas day we will start out at 19 degrees here. Think I would forget the Christmas tree at this stage of the game. Ha Have a very Merry Christmas. πŸ’“

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  2. Betty says:

    You know, I am glad to see the full picture. You’ve called it a pathway, but I’ve wondered about those beautiful, blue gazing balls. I did think, wouldn’t those be tripping hazards? So, I am glad to see it’s not really a pathway, but rather a pathway border, and a charming one at that! As far as the Christmas tree, why not just put up a very small Christmas display of something? Just a bit of festive but not the whole dang tree. I did something like that one year, and I found peace in its simplicity. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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