Riding with the Horsemen

Today, I am riding with the Mughal Horsemen again, using Edwin M. Knowles Sylvan, a pussy willow and yellow pods design from 1934. Since the real Horsemen originated in the 15th century, I thought the least I could do was drink their namesake tea from a vintage cup. According to Melody Rose from Dave’s Garden, the weeping willow is native to Asia and featured in folk tales and art, and the origins are in China. That seems like a reason to be drinking Mughal Horseman tea from this cup if ever I had one.

Also in the news today, I have ordered my electric auger drill, and barring any more mishaps should be here by next Thursday. It is hard to say, since two presents I ordered have been stuck in Memphis for over 3 weeks, with one floating around on a tour of northwest Mississippi. Last check, finally left Memphis and went to Waterford (small town between here and Memphis), went back to Memphis and has now arrived in Clarksdale, where it eventually will have to go back to Memphis again in order to deliver to Oxford.

1200-watt 1.6 HP Stark electric earth auger post hole digger with 4 in. auger bit

While I am indeed anxious to dig the holes for the wine bottle burying, I will do my best to be patient and work on preparation of the area. I will need to level the area for the firepit and have more sand and paving sand ready to go. I am not sure when the epiphany hit me that I did not have to dig all those holes by hand, and looked up the auger drill. Grandma would be excited, too.

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14 Responses to Riding with the Horsemen

  1. Betty says:

    A vintage tea cup and an electric auger drill. You are an interesting woman! Enjoy both!

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  2. Having a drill augers well for your project.

    A Christmas gift mailed to us was stuck in South Carolina for several weeks. The gift and its replacement arrived on the same day.

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  3. socialbridge says:

    WOW, your mention of Waterford caught my Waterfordian eye. Pity it was that one not mine as I could have given it a hoosh your way.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      I did not think of that, but the Waterford Winery in South Africa was one of my favorites. Not long after we moved here, I drove over to the Mississippi Waterford, and it is a lovely setting in the rolling hills of north MS, but it is a far cry from Stellenbosch. 🙂

      And, I think the problem with the packages is all the ‘hooshing’ around. LOL


      • socialbridge says:

        I have a thing about Waterfords and you’ll be interested to know that the wines from the South African Waterford are stocked in one of our main wine shops here. I was in touch with the daughter of the vinery at one stage.

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