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Say aah…January is almost over

I guess it is impossible to rush time, since time just ticks along a minute at a time, regardless of what we do or do not do. I found myself saying “thank goodness” this morning that January is almost over. … Continue reading

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Becoming extremely interested in other human beings and other beings

The discovery of things new–whether experiences or people or things is heady at times, so much so that we can forget our need to take a ‘loving interest’. The vaark lily (pronounced with an ‘f’ in Afrikaans, like ‘fark’) is … Continue reading

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The Power of 100 Days

Yesterday I wrote about ‘the cracked vase lasts.’ I was still thinking about what that meant, and why I had not finished the post back in fall of 2018 when I went to sleep last night. It was the same … Continue reading

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The cracked vase lasts

Intriguing thought, isn’t it? What is a cracked vase, and its symbolism? How does it last? And why? In January of 2018, I found a book quite by accident just after I returned home from spending 3 weeks with Mother. … Continue reading

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The lady of the harbor

I lift my lamp beside the golden door… …and lift my hands to do the work that sets me free.

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Inauguration Day: President Joseph R. Biden

Social Bridges sent best wishes to the US this morning as the inauguration of the new President–Joseph R. Biden–commences today. Jean, like many around the world, takes a keen interest in global affairs. The affairs of others and their nations … Continue reading

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One good tern deserves another, or take your tern

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Family Heirlooms: The jewelry of the women

Today’s post is for Katie over at A Virginia Writer’s Diary. Even though there are many years that separate us, I find I often sense a commonality in things we like: writing, wine, Martin guitars, and now, our family costume … Continue reading

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The 37th Day…1,095 days later

It has been a bit over 3 years since Dad crossed over to the ancestors, and almost 2 years since Mother joined. I was looking back at previous January posts, seeing what was going on then, and the 37th Day … Continue reading

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Weather Prediction: Lots of snow pictures today

Yes, it is time for the first snow of the winter, and the resulting flurries of snow pictures. This is what amounts to a big snow day here on Taylor Hill. Hopefully, the rest of us do not have to … Continue reading

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