Fox Sparrows in the Snow

I’m back!

These photographs are also from yesterday’s heavy snow. I looked out this morning, however, and it was a repeat of yesterday. Big fat snowflakes were falling rapidly, though they have slowed by now and are smaller. That allowed me time to bundle and boot and go knock snow out of the feeders and replenish. A few birds were scavenging in the snow seeking any missed from yesterday, but by the time I was back to the door, they had all started flocking in again. I could hear the red-bellied woodpecker across the driveway but I could not spot which tree–it is very bright out this morning with all the snow.

I spotted a new-to-me bird–the Fox Sparrow. The two in the center of the group of 6 are fox sparrows, a larger sparrow. This is the Red sub-species found only in eastern US, but breeds in Alaska. The other three sub-species are the Slate-colored found in the Rockies, Sooty in the Pacific Northwest, and Thick-billed in California. The others are the distinctive cardinal, of course, and dark-eyed juncos. The Fox sparrows are also in the two center bottom row photos. I noted their striped bellies which caused me to whip out MerlinID and find them. Have I mentioned how useful the MerlinID tool is? Amazing, as well as useful.

The crows are cawing again this morning, too. Maybe that is a sign that it is about to abate here. It is currently 25.

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7 Responses to Fox Sparrows in the Snow

  1. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your birds. Lovely!

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  2. peggy says:

    Looks like these birds keep you hopping. There are so many different kinds of sparrows I can’t keep up with them. It is 25 here, but with this sun it will get warmer.

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  3. Betty says:

    Love the last picture! Feeding the birds is one of my simple joys in life. Looks like it is the same for you!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, Betty. I love how the cardinals cock their heads, like they are talking to each other. I love seeing them, so it makes me feel joyful indeed. I am glad you enjoy it as well; I am concerned about our eco system.

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  4. socialbridge says:

    Great to see the birds.

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