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Chamfered corners: The story of a Lake Village Bank

A few days ago, I posted about my admiration for rounded, chamfered, and canted corners in architecture. Peggy’s Country Life mentioned similar buildings in Arkansas, so of course, that sent me on a hunt for the ones I had taken … Continue reading

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A whole latte of love…

I am in love…I know, I fall in love easily. First it was Bob, then Rock, then Robby and Rosy. Now, it is my new coffee/latte/cappuccino maker, which I have because I am fortunate enough to be married to a … Continue reading

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Corners in architecture: Canted, chamfered, and rounded

I have this thing for corners that are rounded, canted, or chamfered, especially door and window entrances. I really learned to appreciate them through Preservation in Mississippi. Apparently, though, I have liked them for a long time, since I took … Continue reading

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Along the Thames: Hungerford and Golden Jubilee Bridges

Charing Cross Station is the access point for trains crossing the Thames on the Hungerford Bridge. This bridge was opened in 1864. In 2002, the Golden Jubilee footbridges were opened on either side of the Hungerford. The R. L. Hispaniola … Continue reading

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Street Painting on London’s South Bank

On our stroll down the South Bank of the River Thames, we saw a variety of street performances. Apparently, London and the South Bank have quite a reputation for street art and there are sanctioned spaces for doing street art, … Continue reading

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The London Eye: Millennium Wheel

The second day in London we took a stroll down to the River Thames after I finished my presentation. It was fairly clear and sunny that morning and early afternoon, but turned cloudy before long, so we headed back to … Continue reading

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Rock Band

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Piccadilly Circus

The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain at Piccadilly Circus opened to some controversy in 1893. Atop the fountain was the statue designed by Mr. Alfred Gilbert which was described: …a life-sized winged youth executed in aluminium, of the weight of about 7 … Continue reading

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Spring springs forth

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My friends and I saw STOMP in New York City, 1994. My colleague and I had a conference presentation, and we jokingly said, “anyone wants to go, we’ll give you a ride to the airport with us.” To our surprise, … Continue reading

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