Spring cleaning…the easy kind

English Daisy (Bellis perennis)

I have been tidying up outside now that the weather is warmer and not constantly raining. That entailed a trip to pick up new herbs and plants Monday. I spied this English daisy and though I have never seen one before, I loved the difference it presented. The English daisy is from the common European species of daisy.

They can range from white to red, and this one is delightfully multi-colored.

This is the current stage of the redbud tree’s blooms as of Monday morning…and by yesterday evening, the leaves are beginning to appear. These little blooms seem so delicate, and then they begin to fall all over the place as the leaves start to appear.

Johnny Winter guards the pansies

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9 Responses to Spring cleaning…the easy kind

  1. Your English daisy is lovely. Thanks for the spring photos, too. I should walk down to see if our redbuds are about to perform.

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  2. Betty says:

    Spring has surely arrived when one is planting flowers! I haven’t yet, but I hope to soon.

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  3. peggy says:

    A beautiful daisy. I love outdoor Spring cleaning more than indoor cleaning.

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