Herb will be coming to dinner tonight

Cilantro waiting for tacos

I love cilantro but I am the only one who lives here who does. A bunch usually wilts before I can use it all. This way, I can just snip what I need and a “bunch” will last me spring through fall.

Sweet basil and rosemary

Sounds like a broken record…but I am also the only one who lives here who loves rosemary. They will eat basil at least. The rosemary was not exactly luscious at the local nursery, so I got two plants. The other one is my ‘backup’ in case this one does not produce well. I love the smell of rosemary. My dilemma for tonight is rosemary chicken or tacos with cilantro?

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21 Responses to Herb will be coming to dinner tonight

  1. peggy says:

    How can people not like all these herbs. They make dishes delicious.

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  2. Betty says:

    I am available for either dinner.

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  3. You can have my share of the cilantro too!

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  4. Beth says:

    Mmmm. Fresh herbs make everything better. My cilantro plant this year wasn’t prolific, but survived the winter storm. Now it’s ready to be plucked up. I use it in queso and pinto beans and I love the way it smells! Yours looks very healthy. Enjoy!

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  5. We both love cilantro but for some reason I have little luck with growing it. Basil and Rosemary I can grow. Cilantro is cheap by the bunch and keeps better in water in the frig and I have frozen some that can be used in cooking. Herb is always welcome. Either your chicken or tacos would work for me! Take care.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thanks for the tip on keeping cilantro in the refrigerator–that makes sense. Guess I will need to set several extra plates tonight!
      I usually grow dill also, and lavender. I do not cook with lavender, I just like the way it looks and smells.


  6. Your household must be normal, because there is always someone who won’t eat something. I prepare shrimp and grits, leaving out shrimp for one. Half of us will not eat anything with a kick to it, while the other half would eat jalapenos. I add onions for some; take out celery for others. I would love both your meals.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thanks, Anne, and that may be the first time ever our household has been called normal. I love shrimp and jalapeno cheese grits, but I can only fix them when I am taking them to a friend–they don’t eat shrimp, or grits, even without jalapeno or cheese. Sometimes I remind them this is not a restaurant…it does not usually help. I went with the rosemary garlic chicken, minus rosemary and garlic for the other two. 🙂


  7. janebye says:

    We love herbs but this reminds me of cooking for grandkids; all have their likes and dislikes and it is hard to come up with something that everyone will eat when they are here with us. Poor Rich gets very frustrated that no one wants to try anything “different.” LOL

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