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Ya’ got any chickens?

Well, apparently if you were the average woman, or even a sophisticated society lady, in the 1950s, you would have been part of the “nation craze for hen and rooster figurines.” Following along with a nation craze for hen and … Continue reading

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What’s in your kitchen cabinets?

It has been a wild week of purging closets, cabinets, the china hutch, the file cabinet…ad nauseam. Although the cabinets were not scheduled to be delivered until the third week of July, we received notice that some of them were … Continue reading

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June 19, 1925

Dad in 1926 at his first birthday, and at age 18 in 1943, serving in Indo-China.

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Finally Friday: What’s on your agenda?

Happy Friday, Gateway to the Weekend. Oh, wait, it’s all weekend all the time now. 🙂

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Meanwhile, back in Itta Bena with the Favara family…Part II

Last week, I looked at John Favara and his family, Part I. Since then, I have reached the conclusion that I could write a book about the Favara family and their lives in Itta Bena and beyond. When I was … Continue reading

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Cleaning out the closet

In the New Mexico space shuttle, waiting for take-off We planned the future worlds we’d build. After 4 wondrous and tumultuous years of trade-offs Sacrifice and time could yield. We loosed reins amidst sun and sand in New Mexico’s plains. … Continue reading

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South Rail Trail

I will get back to the Itta Bena story next, but for a little fun and relaxation, I walked a leg of the South Rail Trail for the first time Saturday. I need to increase my exercise, and there is … Continue reading

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John Favara’s Southern Cafe in Itta Bena: Part I

In the early 1900s, Front Street in Itta Bena was on both sides of the railroad tracks. The business district developed first along the south side of the tracks. In my earlier trips to Itta Bena, I had not paid … Continue reading

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Those amazing opportunities cleverly disguised as problems

Sometimes if you have been snoozing instead of paying attention, things can sneak up on you. We all know a lot of “sneaking up” occurred in the last year and I was no exception. Even though I was fortunate to … Continue reading

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Nothing like a little early morning excitement at the bird feeder

When I went out this morning to feed the cats and the birds, I could see flashing blue lights through the fence. (The red and black truck cabs and the yellow heavy equipment were not on scene yet.) One sheriff … Continue reading

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