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Braised chicken thighs in white wine and mushrooms: How to prepare a delightful dinner in an antique/thrift store

The truth is laid bare before you: now you see why the kitchen desperately needs a re-do. Besides being outdated, it was shoddy work in the renovation done before we bought the house and it has not aged well. We … Continue reading

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The Warehouse, formerly known as the living room

Yesterday the cabinets were delivered, and as previously mentioned, sometimes items that are built for 2021 are not always compatible with an older house…like the hall design with 4 doors that open into the T at the head of the … Continue reading

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Delivery Day at Last!

Delivery of the cabinets was scheduled for today, between 9:30-1:30, and they were scheduled to call when they were 30 minutes out. Although R had reminded everyone every time he talked to them to back up the driveway as there … Continue reading

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The Souvenir Mystery

While clearing out a chest on the screened porch, I ran across this small plaque. It belongs to Randy, and I have seen it frequently over the years. I had never paid it much attention and actually thought it was … Continue reading

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When a plan does not work, back up, and start backing up again

All three piers are now complete: filled with concrete and mortared into place, sitting on that 16 inch deep ground fill of concrete and rebar. After a day of rest today, tomorrow is sunny and dry, so I will head … Continue reading

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Rain rain, go away, little Suzi wants to finish building a house

When I sent Rand a message that we were interrupted by a downpour, his reply was: “Mississippi is a harsh mistress!” (Note: who said it is the mistress who is harsh–besides Rando, I mean? Maybe Mississippi is a harsh master, … Continue reading

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Every thing that lasts needs a good foundation: We have not lift off, but sink down…

to that concrete and steel foundation! It was music to my ears to hear the sound of the concrete truck backing up the driveway this morning! I was ecstatic last night when Rand called and said the contractor would be … Continue reading

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Made in Occupied Japan: 1947-1952

The first year Randy and I were married, his mother gave me this platter for Christmas. She knew I collected and enjoyed vintage dishes. Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, this platter held our turkey. I have used it a … Continue reading

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Serta Smart Layers: The Executive Air Chair

Okay, this is totally not a sponsored post–I do not even know how people get to do those and get freebies or money. I just know I am so happy to be sitting in this chair right now, and I … Continue reading

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Poppies on Porcelain: Ivory Porcelain by Sebring

In addition to this small plate, the pattern that Replacements, Ltd. called “green and red floral pattern” is found on a square plate shape with fluted edges and a green border. The flowers appear to be poppies to me. Sebring … Continue reading

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