Serta Smart Layers: The Executive Air Chair

Okay, this is totally not a sponsored post–I do not even know how people get to do those and get freebies or money. I just know I am so happy to be sitting in this chair right now, and I am also happy to explain why.

I have had my share of chairs, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have had ergonomic chairs, comfy chairs, cheap chairs, expensive chairs, mesh chairs, leather chairs, plastic chairs, hardwood chairs, chairs with cushions, chairs without cushions…you get the picture, right?

Mid-century modern reproduction desk chair

A few years ago, I bought a reproduction mid-century modern desk chair. I liked the way it looked, sleek and gently rounded and it felt so good in the store. And in fact, in felt so good for quite a while after that. It met two of my requirements about chairs I use at my desk, where I am working on a keyboard/monitor set up: Low back, no arms. I like to pull my chair up where my arms are in the L position like I learned in high school typing class, and my fingers poised lightly above the keys. I learned to type on a manual type writer, and that was essential, but it is also the position that is most comfortable for me even now.

I can rest my wrists on the keyboard tray with my arms still at the L. However, I still want to have my feet flat on the floor, my back supported, and the chair seat supporting my thighs in order to be most comfortable…and, with the toll arthritis takes, I benefit from support in my hips, lumbar, and mid-back, while still preferring to sit straight up in the chair, not “leaned back.” After all, I am not an executive who spends more time leaning back chatting, I am a researcher/writer who spends my time in the chair needing to type for a period of time and in relative comfort without physical distractions.

So, about that most recent chair, it was good while it was good and it was bad when it was no longer good. It has gotten harder and harder to work at my computer desk. I have considered getting another chair for a while, and finally told R I had to…only a short while working on a manuscript or doing research and it was difficult to get up or walk. Since our local Office Depot closed earlier this year, there is no place I would buy an office chair, and like buying shoes, I need to try them on first.

So, off we went to Collierville (Memphis suburb) Wednesday afternoon to find a chair…not just a chair but THE CHAIR.

Serta Smart Layers Air Chair

I know what you are thinking: it does not meet my requirements. It has arms and a high back. But it also has arms that are placed where they are not in my way of being able to move my chair into the exactly correct position…and they do not hit the keyboard tray or desk when I swivel around to get up…and that generous seat is not only comfy, but supports my thigh from the hip joint to the knee joint, removing stress from my lower body. And just look at that lumbar and lower back support:

The Air Chair and its Smart Layers

Those layers enable one to move, yet still retain support, and the air factor is that the part that goes from seat to shoulder allows air to flow through, so you do not get the ‘ick’ factor of sweaty back.

Best of all, for 4 days now, I have had no pain or problems with walking, not even first thing in the morning. My back and hips feel like they have a new set of innards. After all, the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone.

And did I mention that no matter whether I lean forward or back or turn to the side, those layers of cushions support whatever needs supporting without any feeling of pressure. [Blissful sigh…followed by leaning back ever so slightly to think about what I have just written.] My chair can lock into position, and if I want to change it, I just lean forward and flip the little aerodynamic lever beneath the edge of the seat to change the support, lean forward more or less, or backward more or less. You can even change it to enable a more or less resistance so you can rock the chair…but as I said to Rand “I do not rock when I am sitting at the desk working.”

I will just leave the back locked right where I want it, with me sitting straight up, erect posture, and picturing Miss Maxwell standing next to my shoulder. She might tsk tsk me for not sitting in a hard back schoolhouse oak chair with the mid-century ‘ergonomic’ butt indent but somehow, I think she would still approve.

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11 Responses to Serta Smart Layers: The Executive Air Chair

  1. davidprosser says:

    Glad you found something you liked.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. So glad you found a chair that works for you! Husband has problems when he sits at his desk and cannot find one that works for him. I may have him check out The Chair. It does look comfy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Suzassippi says:

      I highly recommend it! Randy is actually the one who insisted I sit in it. It did not hurt my feelings that it was a hundred dollars off either, though I did not know that when I was sitting in it and decided it was the one. I did not even know Serta made desk chairs. I suspect it is the last chair I will ever have to buy. 🙂


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  4. Beth Barton says:

    A little jealous, honestly. 🙂 That looks awesome.

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  5. Betty says:

    This sounds like the most perfect chair ever made. If only there were an affiliate link where I could order one.

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  6. Beth says:

    This sounds like a familiar problem I’ve had with office chairs that were mandated for either uniformity or some other stupid corporate reason. I don’t like arms on the chair and I’m short-waisted so I need a chair that adjusts to a higher height – among other requirements. I’m glad you found your perfect chair Write on!

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