When a plan does not work, back up, and start backing up again

All three piers are now complete: filled with concrete and mortared into place, sitting on that 16 inch deep ground fill of concrete and rebar.

After a day of rest today, tomorrow is sunny and dry, so I will head out to rake out the “scraps.” There will be more clean up before the house starts to go up so that no rocks or clumps remain to impede the plumber. They appreciate a tidy crawl space, and this one will not yet have time for critters to be living under it. I might even enter the state fair under Best Crawl Space category.

The area to the left of the west pier will be leveled and rocked for parking and a turn-around space. There is no other option right now with all the barriers in place but to turn around on the edge of the lawn. If you have a big ole truck, heavy and powerful, you can do that. My little Lexus hybrid balked. So, I did what any self-respecting country girl from Texas learned at an early age. Just back up. After all, I backed it out of that front yard between barriers and got out of the drive to run to town after all was done last night. I parked in the driveway when I returned and when J came back with supper, he backed up the hill and parked. This morning, I went out at 6 and backed into the parking space between the edge of that trailer hitch, support posts for the leveling string, and J’s car. I am going to toot my own car horn here: perfect, and then put the string back in place. Wanna see?

It was harder than it looks. 🙂

NOTE UPDATE: When I went out to go to the store this afternoon, I realized why this looks like there was more room than there was in real life! When the brick man got here this morning, he pushed the trailer off the driveway and back about 4-5 feet so he could back his truck up and unload the rest of the mortar as close to the bricks as he could! Last night, the tongue of the trailer and that block were a foot from the crack in the drive. This looks like you could drive a Mac truck through that space, and the Lexus barely fit in the space I had for maneuvers. Just sayin’…

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10 Responses to When a plan does not work, back up, and start backing up again

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  2. Beth says:

    Good job of creative thinking. I would be “up a creek” as I can not back up a car, even with a back up camera. If I could, I would own a tiny travel trailer and be glamping all over the US! I can’t wait for the next installment of your construction saga.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Randy says they have a backup camera now that will even see behind your trailer if you are pulling one. Our new Toyota Rav4 hybrid has the standard back up camera on the dash screen, but you can also flip the rear view mirror to show what is behind you with the back up camera, when you are going forward. I still like to use my mirror for routine checking behind me, but Randy uses the mirror back up camera. My cousin just bought a small camper and she and her sister are just having a hoot traveling. I recommend you get someone to teach you how to back so you can enjoy it! Randy taught me to back pulling his boat/boat trailer when we began dating. It is a very useful skill. And, happy to oblige with the next installment. Thanks for staying tuned! 🙂

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  3. socialbridge says:

    Love the notion of ‘self-respecting country girl from Texas’.

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  4. Definitely making progress! I am sure you wonder sometimes. 🙂

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