Delivery Day at Last!

Please note the perfect job backing up the driveway!

Delivery of the cabinets was scheduled for today, between 9:30-1:30, and they were scheduled to call when they were 30 minutes out. Although R had reminded everyone every time he talked to them to back up the driveway as there is no flat place to unload or turn around, he told the delivery man who called just in case the message had not been passed on. As usual, the rule “Assume nothing” is good, and the driver thanked R for letting them know in advance. This driveway is a lot easier to back up than down, and if you have a lot to unload, you cannot do it with your tail end on the downhill side…and the whole “no place to turn around” if you are in a big truck.

We had arisen early and secured dogs safely out of the work area, moved my car from the front yard by the sidewalk to further in the front yard, and made sure all was clear for the easiest path into the house and to the 2 rooms (we thought) where the cabinets would be stored until installation. At the almost last minute, we had decided to go ahead and move the buffet and china hutch–hutch to living room and buffet to the middle of the kitchen–a just-in-case scenario. (So as not to have a spoiler, I will not say more because today is part one: the office room).

The office had long been cleared of the file cabinet and bookcase and exercise bike, and only the items that will remain in it after it serves as the temp storage were left. R had planned where the cabinet boxes should go, leaving a small path to the closet behind his desk. While mostly we had stored things in the closet that we thought we would not need for the next month, I had hoped to leave a path for the just-in-case scenario. [Stage directions: Enter laughing.]

Here is how the office looked after this room was full:

Let’s just say we moved two boxes ourselves later in order for R to get to his desk and have space to back his chair away from the desk. Fortunately, they were not that heavy and we had space to relocate them.

This house is a mid-century atomic ranch, and many things we have now were not common then. Having moved king-size and queen-size beds in that hall way that connects 3 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, and dining room, I appreciate that one must be flexible.

I read recently that people who live to advanced age share one common trait: the ability to cope with loss. I think it might be just the ability to cope, and do so with grace, calm, and gratitude. I am overflowing with gratitude at the blessings in my life right now. This is merely an adventure in saying thank you for the gifts.

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6 Responses to Delivery Day at Last!

  1. What a day! And you ended it with a commendable attitude!

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  2. Suzassippi says:

    Another couple of days and I will have it sorted out to be a little more functional. I have already cleared a little path here and there. It is kind of like a maze…or being lost in a salvage barn. 🙂

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  3. davidprosser says:

    I’m glad things are going so well now and that you don’t seem fazed by the disruption. I look forward to seeing the rooms as they are completed
    Huge Hugs

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, David. We did pick-up tonight since it was way too much to figure out how to prepare food, but I have managed to clear things off to get to stove and cabinets (the ones currently attached to the walls) so we can still do meal prep for a bit longer.

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