The Warehouse, formerly known as the living room

view from the hall

Yesterday the cabinets were delivered, and as previously mentioned, sometimes items that are built for 2021 are not always compatible with an older house…like the hall design with 4 doors that open into the T at the head of the hall, in a space that is only 36 inches wide and 81 inches long at the top of the T. That means if you are exiting the living room (i.e., standing at that door in the ‘view from the hall’) and you want to go into the kitchen, you have to exit a 30 inch door, make a 90 degree left turn and go about 8 inches and make another 90 degree left turn to enter the kitchen. That is fine if you are moving something less than 30 inches wide (to fit through the door), less than 36 inches wide (to fit into the space at the T of the hall), and the previously stated less than 30 inches wide (to fit through the door to the kitchen). I think you see the problem here, right?

There was no option but to leave the items too large to make that turn (i.e., the two extra tall pantries and the one regular tall pantry–if I am going to do this, I am going to end up with storage space) in the living room. Not knowing how big the boxes were, R thought they would be able to navigate the way we do with large items: go straight down the hall and angle diagonally across the T to access the kitchen. That works…for mattresses, sofas, and desks. It does not work for something 96 inches in height + the extra height of the box it is packed in. It would go through the door, but was still too long (or tall, let’s not be picky) to diagonally fit into the kitchen. [Aside: I think this is where I suggested that all items we planned to store in the kitchen–said pantries) should come in through the back door–straight shot from screened porch into kitchen.].

The corner base cabinet–because it is a corner–will not fit through the door at all while still in the box, so it is also in the living room for now. The observant viewer will note in the photographs above the china hutch between the end table and the secretary. The china cabinet was in front of the secretary temporarily, you know–when we thought none of these cabinets would be in here. When we realized they would be, we moved the china hutch down and moved the secretary down, which of course necessitated taking a lot of things off the wall. With a little trial and error, we were able to come to an arrangement that would work.

I can live without TV. While R was gone, I never turned it on. I said he could have my chair so he could still see the TV which is straight ahead if you are sitting in that chair. I sat on the end of the futon, which we do not even use because I bought it for our dog that could not get up on the chair any more and she died before we got the futon put together. The box served as a ‘temporary kitchen island’ for a year (after all, it was 2020 and Covid) before I finally unpacked it and put it together. It will go to J’s cottage once that is done, but meanwhile, I sat on the end of it last night which made my dog Abby happy as she had room to lie beside me. It’s complicated, isn’t it?

Really this part worked pretty well until at quitting time, I went to get a glass of wine for my nightly ritual of sitting on the front porch with my kitties and watch the birds and the traffic before I prepare dinner. Wine bottle? Check! Cork screw? Check! Wine glass….wine glass…[imagine a loud wail here]. Yep, those wine glasses are in that china hutch that is now behind 3 pantries, a secretary, and a corner base cabinet.

Rand: “Can you say red solo cup?”

Suz: “I do not drink wine out of a plastic cup.”

Fortunately, I had a new box of wine glasses packed in the “will not need for a while” kitchen box. I had purchased them intending them as a gift as they were nice Bavarian crystal on a clearance. I gifted them to myself instead and removed them from the box. I am not a wine snob. While I enjoy a good bottle of wine, I also find really good bottles that are reasonably priced. Whether it is a $10 bottle or a $30 bottle, I want to drink it out of a wine glass…unless I was stranded in Motel 6 in Brownsville, Texas, in which case I would likely want to drink it straight from the bottle.

And that is all I have to say about that (Forrest Gump, 1994).

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10 Responses to The Warehouse, formerly known as the living room

  1. davidprosser says:

    Nobody ever said it would be easy, and I hate jigsaws but I hope you can make better sense of it when it comes to going in place.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. I felt sorry for you at the beginning of the post, but I laughed at the end. What an amusing way to finish it off!

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  3. Beth Barton says:

    You’ve got a project there! And I’m right there with you on the wine and wine glasses. Hang in there!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beth says:

    Great attitude and a good laugh – I’ve been there and done that!

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