Demolition Day draws nearer and a sneak peek

This is way too much like moving. My bedroom looks like a junk store. Every nook and corner and empty space on top of anything has items from the kitchen crammed in willy-nilly.

I am not covering up valuable art work here. There is a mirror leaning against some boxes, and a wildly colored graphic poster of the Memphis in May festival we attended our first spring in Mississippi. I think I mentioned “every available inch of space”–even when it is not convenient.

Warning: Spoiler Alert! If you were waiting in breathless anticipation for the finished product, please do not read further. If you want a tiny slice of what we had to do all last week, sneak peek ahead.

Base unit in Drift

We had to unbox and inventory every item delivered by the shipping company after the cabinets were delivered in order to report any damage. Fortunately, the packing system made it relatively easy, but still, we had to shift boxes, unstack boxes, move boxes into the hall, etc. The base units are Drift. Because the kitchen/dining has no windows other than the one in the back door, we did not want anything dark. The new flooring is darker than what came with the house, but also with a bit of texture, similar to the cabinets.

Wall unit in Breeze

As sometimes happens when two people begin to shop, plans change. Rand liked the drift and I liked it too, but wanted something lighter on the wall cabinets. Breeze is a bit of an off-white, with a bit of color in the texture that worked well with the Drift. I really wanted a flat front with no grooves or spaces that collect dust, but the flat front was no longer available in Drift and we really liked the combination, so we went with the simplest front with the least “dust collecting” areas.

Drift sink base

I also wanted a deep sink, and not stainless steel. While they are practical as far as care, the one with the house was shallow and water tends to splash out onto the back splash and counter. I wanted an apron front, and one large basin instead of two smaller.

Pantry in Drift

We opted for Drift on the three pantries. One will be in the traditional space near the range wall. The other two will be floor to ceiling on a separate wall and used for linen or other storage of items not regularly used. There was no pantry when we bought the house, and the linen closet in the hall had been removed to make room for a larger shower in the master bath.

The final tasks for this weekend are to get the food items out of the cabinets and into the plastic storage bins, and load the pots and pans into the box to be stored on the screened porch where we will set up the temporary kitchen. The refrigerator freezer goes to the porch, along with the microwave. The current range and dishwasher will be removed along with cabinet demolition.

So, since I have now had my protein rich breakfast for sustaining me, and my two cups of Rakkasan Himalayan Black Dragon oolong, I am about to dive in for the day. I hope you enjoyed the preview. I will do a “before” photo of the current kitchen cabinets. It will give you a better idea of what I have endured. Perhaps if you have time, you can also check out the before and after of the shower story. I love a happy ending.

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12 Responses to Demolition Day draws nearer and a sneak peek

  1. Thanks for the review!

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  2. davidprosser says:

    The preview is a nice hint of what will be but I bet those ‘After’ shots will be stupendous.
    Huge Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Betty says:

    The cabinets look very nice. I look forward to seeing the finished product – or at least the flooring. Good luck with this massive project. It will be so worth it!

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  4. I am enjoying your descriptions. Hope everything goes smoothly.

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  5. Beth says:

    Love this and I’m with you on the deep sink. I want a farmhouse sink in my next house with a sprayer – I’m tired of bathing dogs in the bathtub! And, as you look around at bits and pieces of everything everywhere, do you feel that your sense of organization just fizzled? I’ve been there. Look forward to seeing the progress and the happy ending!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Then wait until you see the spiffy new faucet with the pull down sprayer! (Although I don’t bathe dogs because the labs would not fit in the kitchen sink.) The biggest plan for organization that we had was to put the temporary kitchen on the screened porch. I did box all the dishes and pots and pans and they are stored on the porch, so at least there is that win.

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