Day 3: Can I keep up the happy dance? I think I can, I think I can

Hall flooring complete

While I was picking up the paint and the vent hood this morning, the crew was finishing the hall and mudding the kitchen/dining walls. Not wanting to overtax Abby, we sub-contracted with Steffi to check the completed hallway. She is actually quite bashful, even though just so stinkin’ cute, so we cut her some slack and called Abby for back-up.

Range wall

This afternoon, I had to make a Walgreen’s run. They had completed mudding walls, put up crown molding, and moved some base cabinets into place.

Super Susan to the rescue!

You will be forgiven for assuming this will be a lazy Susan. Imagine my surprise when Rando started referring to it as the Super Susan…and I looked it up and indeed, that is the new name. I am beyond ecstatic that the kitchen designer, the amazing Robert Hall of Oxford, MS, was able to work this in for me so this corner was not wasted space. The Super Susan will rotate to be able to access items without requiring me to lie down in the floor and use a reacher tool. The narrow cabinet next to the range will be for sheet pans/cookie sheets…in a pull-out drawer.

It rained all afternoon here, so things got shifted around a bit, but the marathon Happy Dance is on. When I went out to say good morning to the crew this morning, and complimented them on how much I love it all, I added, “you guys are just amazing.” One said, “We hear that a lot…and we never get tired of it.” At last…as one of my best supervisors taught me: Acknowledge people often and well. 🙂

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6 Responses to Day 3: Can I keep up the happy dance? I think I can, I think I can

  1. Pat Norton says:

    You truly are charmed. Our kitchen is postage stamp size and it was a long tedious process, The cabinets arrived damaged. The counter top was due to be measured and template prepared Started our comedy of errors the week after labor day and finished the first week in January , So happy for you, Your joy is contagious and we need some happy in our anger filled lives, Thanks and congratulations on the progress

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  2. davidprosser says:

    Such well deserved praise for both work and for speed. No slackers on this team. It’s great progress and I’m so happy for you.
    Huge Hugs

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  3. Beth says:

    Looks like a dream kitchen coming to life!

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