Lighten up? Did I say to lighten up?

Coffee bar and robot station

It is going to take a little getting used to with all this white in here! The old kitchen had a beige grasscloth wallpaper. This is as close to smoky white as I could get…and it is a little whiter on the wall than I had wanted…but I am not complaining! This will be the coffee bar and robot station, with storage for appliances like the mixer, toaster, etc. A counter top will connect the two base cabinets, but be open underneath for Robbie and Rosie, the vacuum and mop robots. I have sorely missed them since this remodel began! I will also add some open shelving between the two upper cabinets for display of some of my favorite dishes and art work. I have already decided what will go on top of those two cabinets, which will be glass fronted to hold wine glasses and coffee cups.

Range wall

The vent hood will be installed Wednesday, after the second coat of paint is applied tomorrow. Wednesday will also see the installation of the sink and faucet. We discovered there was no door for the corner base cabinet, so our kitchen designer contacted the cabinet company to request that. It is a bit of a disappointment as it will likely take as long as it did for the cabinets to arrive since they build them to your size specifications. It’s not like they have one sitting in the warehouse somewhere…although they should have one there that just did not get packed in my cabinet box. All the other cabinets had their doors shipped. The cabinets to the left and right will be for cooking utensils and pots and pans, rather than having to walk across the room to the ell cabinet and get down on the floor to find what I wanted. The Super Susan and the pots and pan storage will facilitate my getting to things easily. There are pull out racks for pan storage and a lid storage unit. If hog heaven is a kitchen, I am there.

Refrigerator surround

The empty space to the right of the sink is for dishwasher and refrigerator–a move from the old to make it easier to use the dishwasher, range, and refrigerator. It might not look like it, but I actually gained counter space with this change, along with adequate storage space and a cleaner look by removing the ell.

Ceiling to floor pantries

So much room in these babies! I will be able to store linens…and probably the Dallas Cowboys in off season. Gone are the days of plastic bins under the bed…cooking utensils in a crock on the counter…I suspect I will even have empty spaces, for perhaps wrapping paper, my iron (which has been in a straw basket under the desk. It is probably why I quit ironing, even though I love freshly ironed cotton shirts.

Counter top

As soon as the sink is in, we can schedule for the measuring for the counter top. Because it is solid surface, everything has to be installed before they will cut it. I selected this because I thought it worked well with the two tones of the cabinets, as well as the floor. Once the counter top is in place, then I will tile the backsplash. I am still deciding between a glass tile or stone tile–both look good with the wall and base cabinets.

Rubbed bronze and nickel knobs and handles

The appliances are stainless steel, and we selected a bronze faucet. It just looked much better with the sink and cabinets than the stainless. We discussed bronze on base cabinets and stainless on wall, but then I saw these and decided it would work for me. It keeps the dual tones going without a significant change.

Yes, there have been a couple of issues here and there, primarily with delays in items, but we knew that going in. However long this has taken, it will be done by fall, and fall would have gotten here anyway, with or without a new kitchen. I could not have asked for it to have gone any smoother or be any happier with it, and I am thankful and grateful for the kitchen designer who transferred our ideas and needs to paper, the construction crew who made it happen, and look forward to showing you the completed project once everything is back in place. In that ‘celebration post’ I will give props by name to the people and companies who made this possible–they want to have it all finished with counters and appliances before I do that.

Who is coming for dinner?

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23 Responses to Lighten up? Did I say to lighten up?

  1. Wonderful! I am enjoying the updates and looking forward to your finished kitchen.

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  2. Katie says:

    It’s so cool to see it come together! It looks wonderful, and I’m eager to see the finished product and hear more stories about how it’s going in the meantime. šŸ™‚

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  3. Betty says:

    I like the smokey white! And once everything is in, decor is up, I expect you’ll see it as top choice. It is really coming along. Can’t wait to see it all finished – and your display in the open areas.

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  4. davidprosser says:

    My computer refuses to show me anyy pictures this morning so I’ll see it before dinner. Just nbeed to book a flight…..
    Huge Hugs

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  5. LOOKING GREAT! What are you cooking for dinner? Should I bring something?

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  6. I love the shape and color of the cabinet knobs!

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