Today’s post is brought to you by Rakkasan Nam Viet Earl Grey

I am still washing my tea cup and wine glass in the bathroom sink. Sigh. It is probably some kind of karmic equalizer to ensure one does not become too cocky in the grand plans of the universe. At least, it is a reminder that we often do not have control of outcomes. It is also a good reminder that when things are not to your heart’s desire, sometimes a nice cup of tea is the best option.

Things in the kitchen were scheduled for completion of all except the appliances due to their rescheduled delivery of two weeks later. And truthfully, most of it is complete…the big beautiful white fireclay farmhouse apron sink and its plumbing was to be the final wrap up…and then Rand interrupted my research to say I was needed in the kitchen. That is not a good sign when in the midst of a remodel that I thought was almost complete.

For whatever reason, there was a breakdown in communication (isn’t that always what happens when something happens?). I have been watching McLeod’s Daughters and apparently the Australians say “I stuffed up” when they make a big mistake. I rather like that explanation for an error. So while we do not know, nor perhaps, does it matter, someone stuffed up. The sink was too deep, too large across the front, and too heavy to be safely installed per our contractor. Given the incredible job they have done thus far, I was certainly not inclined to challenge him. We already knew it had to have a particular type of mounting support, which was ready for installation. We had no idea until the sink was unboxed that the ways the doors had been built on the sink base cabinet, if we proceeded, the sink would rest on top of the doors, which would render the storage space under the sink useless, not to mention possibly problematic. Yes, had that been clearer at the outset, the doors could have been reduced slightly so there was still frontal support for the bottom of the apron….but “if” right?

The contractor ran through all the options he had considered to still mount the sink, and we all concluded the best thing to do was get another sink. I spent the rest of that day and the next looking at apron front sinks…which we were still locked into, because the sink cabinet had been cut for one. I certainly did not want to wait another 3 months for a new one to be constructed and to have water in the kitchen. The replacement is scheduled for delivery August 1…maybe. Anyone who is buying anything these days knows the shelves are bare in all kinds of stores again. Another sigh.

Yesterday, I vacuumed all the sawdust, sheetrock dust, and bits of debris from all the cabinets and floors, and cleaned all the bits of paint and sheetrock spackle from the floor. Although I had attempted at the end of every work day to wash off any that had eluded the drop cloth, with all the equipment, bags, tools, etc., in there being moved here and there as work proceeded, there was work to be done. It necessitated being down on the floor with a sponge, because the floor has a texture to it. And there I was, lying on my side, scrubbing when Rand got back from returning the sink. Shelves are in, and today starts the moving things back to the kitchen process. As soon as the sink is in next week, the counter installer can come measure, and then will be the wait for the counter to be cut and shipped. We know we have to assume at least 4 weeks. Yet another sigh. However, we have temporary counters that will at least enable me to function once the sink and faucet are in on Wednesday…if it comes in on Wednesday.

On that update note, I am about to put on my work clothes and go start moving things back into the kitchen. I am fortified with my Cheerios and Earl Grey, and nothing can stop me now. This too, shall pass.

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8 Responses to Today’s post is brought to you by Rakkasan Nam Viet Earl Grey

  1. davidprosser says:

    All things shall pass in their time. I regret you have another fly that needs swatting but I’m glad you could take it calmly (until you close the bedroom door behind you) and see how close you are to completion.At that point who notices the flies.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. Good grief! How disappointing! I hope the time will fly by.

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  3. Alan Venable says:

    Sinks is so tricky! Our kids had to move into a renovated new home before the sink could be acquired and installed due to .pandemic supply backup problems, But so nice when you get it all right. Look forward!

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  4. Renovations/remodeling are not for the faint of heart. I hope everything comes together soon! (On another note, I have “this too shall pass” tattooed on my left forearm; it served as a visible reminder through several hectic years.)

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Truly, this one has gone remarkably well, with very few issues, of which, the sink was the major one. Thank you for the good wishes, Linda. Hopefully, the end of the week is the end, but if not…I will still be waiting. 🙂


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