Getting close…I know it counts in horseshoes, but kitchens?

Temporary counter top & portable grill

Last night was a celebration of sorts…real food, not microwaved frozen food, or sandwiches, or take-out. It is rather inconvenient to not have water and sink in the kitchen, but cleaning the grill after dinner was not that difficult. It was certainly worth the effort, and my body thanked me.

Simple fare: steak and potatoes

Mississippi sweet potatoes were featured at Larson’s, and they had some small rib-eye steaks with my name on them. It was the first meal in a while that actually felt satisfying and that nourished my soul as well as my belly. It is good that a simple meal, served on a paper plate and eaten with a plastic fork can accomplish so much. The Vissani range hood got its first workout, and performed admirably–first time for cooking steak indoors with not a hint of smoke!

The appliances are on their way for delivery before noon today, and then it is just the sink and the final punch list, scheduled for Tuesday…coming soon to a kitchen near me. I might sleep in there–after all, I have been on the floor often enough these last few weeks.

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11 Responses to Getting close…I know it counts in horseshoes, but kitchens?

  1. davidprosser says:

    You’re within a smidgin now. I’m guessing the appliances have arivess and you’ll be overjoyed to see those in and then that one last item, Tuesday isn’t too long to wait now. I’ll see you dancing round the kitchen that day.
    Massive Hugs

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  2. Love the photo! Good luck on your new appliances!

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  4. Beth says:

    Making me hungry-there’s nothing like a satisfying meal to make one content! Love the range hood, sleek and modern, but classic.

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  5. Betty says:

    Love the sleek hood! You are in the final stages. The steak made me hungry!

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  6. I remember a nice little rental house where we lived in southern Rhode Island. Something failed in the water supply to the kitchen, so we ran a garden hose through the kitchen window. It worked fine for a week or more, but we had the convenience of a sink.

    Good choice in the vent hood.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      We were able to pick up a sink in Olive Branch yesterday, so he will hook it up Tuesday and install the dishwasher. Then it is just wait for the counter top–we will have a temp sink top of plywood for ??? long. Thanks on the vent hood–I love it!


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