Hope is a dog; hope is fall season; hope is a September bloom

Lycoris Radiata: Red Magic Lily, hell flower, equinox flower, Naked Lily, Resurrection Lily, hurricane lily, Red Spider Lily

This morning felt more like fall than since the season change crept in. There is something about the light in fall that always makes me think of a special filter on a lens: the air just looks different. A couple of days ago, I noted the September lilies had emerged. When I first saw the green stems at the beginning of the week, I was reminded of one of their names: hurricane lily. They emerge often after a hurricane.

Fall shadows and reflections

As I have sat outside on the porch, Beyonce and Scruffy on my lap, enjoying the coolness again, I note the leaves of the box maple beginning to carpet the ground under the tree. This morning, the sun was just rising over the tops of the pine trees across the road and the play of shadow and light was everywhere.

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20 Responses to Hope is a dog; hope is fall season; hope is a September bloom

  1. Beth Barton says:

    I love your lilies! I had some at my old home and I always called them surprise lilies because they were always a surprise to me. I tried to look them up once but found out instead that one should never search for the term ‘spider lillies’. Maybe it’s because I keep spelling it with three l’s instead of two.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      I kind of like the term “hell flower.” I did a post on it once before and it was alleged to be the flower that guided people to hell after death. They planted them around interments when there was no coffin because they are toxic to wildlife and it was supposed to keep them from digging up the grave. I just think they are pretty and I usually cut a few to bring in the house.


  2. You caught that beautiful early Autumn light Suzassippi!

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  3. davidprosser says:

    Hope is the fleeting thought that maybe now the fires everywhere can be brought under control and people can stop breathing smoke.
    Hope is that maybe you’re heading towards dormancy for the Virus and hospitals can ease up.
    Hope is that the cottage goes up quickly and without problems so you can enjoy your time at last and the dogs can enjoy you.
    Massive Hugs

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, David. Things are a bit better here hospital wise; they closed one field hospital. I really thought we would have that cottage ready long before now, but at least it will be more pleasant to work on it in the fall. They said they will have it up (shell, roof, siding) in 3 days. Then after electric and plumbing roughed in, the “fun” for us begins. You know, I try to enjoy my time whatever I am doing…well, probably not cleaning toilets or cleaning up dog poop, other than just grateful I have a toilet and a yard to need to clean up dog poop!

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  4. I just took a pic of my spider lilies today when I got home from work. They caught my attention! I’ll post mine tomorrow on my blog. So pretty- our mornings and evyare so much more comfortable!

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  5. socialbridge says:

    Yes, September air, looks and feels different. I often wonder if it is accentuated by the ‘going back to school’ of youth that never leaves ones/my mind!

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  6. Beth says:

    Yes, the light does change with the arrival of September. I always look forward to this time of year and seeing things just a little more in perspective after the heat of summer at least tones down a little. I’m putting out fall decorations this afternoon as I’m ready for the season.

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  7. Your photos are gorgeous! They truly capture the change in the light that comes with autumn.

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  8. Julia says:

    My grandmothers had these lilies in their gardens. They both called them naked ladies. 😀 As a child, I asked my mother why, and she said it was because they didn’t have any leaves when the flowers bloomed. She didn’t explain why they were called ladies.

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