Warnagala Wild Sri Lankan tea

Warnagala Wild

I got an email last week from Rakkasan Tea Company that they had a limited amount of a wild-grown black tea from Sri Lanka. Knowing that when Rakkasan is able to obtain a superb tea (like the wonderful Black Ruby from a woman-owned estate I was able to score once), I know not to dilly dally in ordering. I ordered two, and they had sold out the entire stock shortly after mine was shipped.

This morning was a cool fall morning and just a perfect day for tea, particularly one as special as this. The tea is from an abandoned colonial tea estate founded by Scottish planters during British colonial rule. When they abandoned the estate in 1890, the tea bushes were no longer tended and grew to heights of 40 and 50 feet. Rakkasan notes the forest was “reclaimed in 2018 by a young Sri Lankan farmer.”

…leaves have a sweet aroma with earthy notes of pipe tobacco and honey, an altogether unique character infused by the nutrients absorbed from the tap root in deep layers of the unspoiled environment’s rich soil. This wild tea is produced in small batches and rolled with great care.

Warnagala Wild (Sri Lanka)

I do not know when or if Rakkasan will be able to obtain another batch of this elegant tea, but for now, I will savor it one delicious sip at a time.

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10 Responses to Warnagala Wild Sri Lankan tea

  1. davidprosser says:

    Enjoy. You deserve it.
    Massive Hugs

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  2. That is exciting to have a tea that you love so much.

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