Where have you been, Johnny Winter?

Johnny Winter, last seen September 23

I went out to feed Beyonce and Scruffy this morning, and then to move the Rav down to the bottom of the drive so the crew could park up here. Johnny was last seen September 23, having disappeared the morning after this portrait was taken. It was not unusual, also not a regular occurrence, that he would not show up for a day or sometimes two. However, this time, after a week, and then over a month, I assumed Johnny had either met his demise or found a home he liked better. He was fed regularly, petted regularly, and had fresh water daily here on the Taylor Hill Rescue Mission. But I was also sure he was not a feral cat and his humans were somewhere looking for him. I diligently checked the papers, missing cats, and local shelter, all to no avail. And, I just kept feeding him, and making sure he had fresh water, and his twice daily behind-the-ear scratches.

And then one day, as tom cats are often wont to do, he just vanished. And then today, as tom cats are wont to do, he was sitting outside on the sidewalk in the sunshine, and when I came out, startled to see him, he meowed as if to say hello, and what took you so long with breakfast?

He won’t say where he has been, but he appears to be in good health, has not missed meals, and has no surface injuries. He has been snoozing on the quilt most of the afternoon, his eyes on the distant horizon. Johnny, don’t you go breaking my heart again…

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17 Responses to Where have you been, Johnny Winter?

  1. What a story! If only Johnny could talk!

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  2. Betty says:

    Perhaps Johnny has a girl in every port. 🙂

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  3. Katie says:

    Cats are the most unpredictable creatures, but only when they want to be. Glad he’s back!

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  4. What a gorgeous guy! I’m glad he showed back up.

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  5. Beth says:

    Cats, always a mystery!

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  6. janebye says:

    Hey Johnny! Stick around next time!


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