Henry Flagler’s Ponce de Leon Hotel

Flagler College, the former Ponce de Leon Hotel

What I would not have given to have stepped off the train in 1887 and checked in to the new luxury Ponce de Leon Hotel…and even more so on the morning of Day 8 of the Great RV Camping Adventure 2021! But Day 8 saw me recuperating from 8 days of camp food in the tiny Aliner, with Rosie and Jaime keeping me company while cuz beach combed the salmon pink sands.

Rosie walks the human

By early afternoon, I was up to a jaunt into the historic city of St. Augustine. We parked on King Street and the first thing visible was the former Ponce de Leon Hotel, built by the Florida railroad magnate, Henry M. Flagler between 1885 and 1887.

In 1968, the hotel building was converted to the Flagler College for Women. It is now coeducational. The building was closed to the public while we were there, but there was enough visible to appreciate the grand architecture of Spanish Renaissance style, and the occasional student or faculty member emerged through the entrance gate.

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10 Responses to Henry Flagler’s Ponce de Leon Hotel

  1. Betty says:

    They don’t build ’em like that anymore! What a beautiful building! Must have looked even more enchanting after 8 days in an Aliner.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Probably especially the kitchen, bathroom, showers, and real beds! Thanks, Betty, I love your sense of humor. It is indeed a beautiful building–I think I should sign up for a course on Florida history just to get to go inside!

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  2. What an amazing building! I would love to see the interior as well.

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  3. On a visit to St Augustine about 10 years ago, we stopped into Flagler and were given a wonderful tour by a student volunteer. Hope you went across the street to the fabulous museum, also formerly a hotel.

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  4. Pat Norton says:

    I live an hour south of St Augustine and have toured both hotels both built by Flager, There was a terrific carriage tour guide . He was a retired school teacher and we had a great education. There was a tunnel connecting the two hotels , Henry was a very gifted but flawed man He donated money for most of the churches but required they not have bells because he liked to sleep in on Sundays , He had a religious conversion upon the death of his beloved daughter. Thus he built the historical Presbyterian church, He was not faithful to his wife and claimed she was insane. Truly a man of contrasts .


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