Sunset January 5, 2022

Kroger parking lot on the hill

I had to make a late run to the store today and this scene greeted me as I stepped out of the car. The store and parking lot are up on a hill, so all the trees do not get in the way of the view.

I was only in the store a short time, long enough to grab bread, Perrier, soft drinks for the guys, toothpaste, and paper towels. I need to do a full grocery load, but was just not up for it today. When I came out a few minutes later, it looked like this:

I was not the only one standing in the parking lot in amazement taking phone photos.

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16 Responses to Sunset January 5, 2022

  1. Betty says:

    Wow! That sunset is absolutely amazing. I like to think of it as divine encouragement. We sure need it!

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  2. peggy says:

    I saw this same beautiful sunset here in Arkansas and took some pictures.

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  3. Amazing! Beautiful images. There have been such phenomenal sunsets everywhere lately!

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  4. What a spectacular sunset! I love random sightings like this. I think of them as a love note from God.

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  5. Beth says:

    That is beautiful! I love parking lot sunsets as they are usually a surprise and a treat for me since at home I only see glimpses of sunrises and sunsets through the trees and above the rooftops. You had that perfect timing to catch the sunset!

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  6. janebye says:

    Wow! Gorgeous!

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