Sun on the sycamore and organization in the pantry

We have had sun the last two days, and I was able to sit outside, have a fire in the firepit, and watch the sunset. It was hard to say whether the glow of the sun was more orange than the fire.

Once again, the glow of the setting sun turned the bark on the sycamore shades of orange and red…until the last of the light slipped below the horizon.

Even with lollygagging in the yard for an hour (I had a lot of limbs to pick up after the rain, wind, snow, and ice), I have also been productive in the house for three days in a row, and I have the proof to show for it.

I have gone through several reiterations of the kitchen storage as I worked to get it the most convenient, practical and logical, and organized. Least often needed goes on the top shelf/top pantry and bottom shelf/bottom pantry. I still have a few items in here for storage for when J moves to the studio, and once that happens (hopefully, end of month), then I will make a few minor changes as some of this will no longer be in this kitchen! Frankly, I have never been this organized in my life! Once the extra kitchen items migrate next door, I have a couple more bins waiting to secure items that will remain.

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22 Responses to Sun on the sycamore and organization in the pantry

  1. Lovely sunset and impressive cabinets!

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  2. I love your china. It looks like a set I used to have. πŸ’ž

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    • Suzassippi says:

      It was my mother’s–she got it with premiums from the United grocery store–a Texas chain. Son liked to use the plates, so half of them are gone now. I thought about getting some additional replacements–they are easy to find. I used to use them for special holidays, and when we were in Texas, we celebrated with family and friends a lot. I have not used them much in years, but they are still here. πŸ™‚

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  3. peggy says:

    Ah, a nice time outside by the fire and some work done too. Very productive day.

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  4. Lollygagging. One of my favorite words my friend!

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  5. Betty says:

    The sunset pictures are beautiful. Also beautiful is the organizaiton in the cabinets. Both are very satisfying. Enjoy!

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  6. Wow! You are a dynamo! I enjoyed your photos and envied your shelves.

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  7. Katie says:

    Beautiful sunset! You know me and winter – a fire pit and a sunset on a cold day sounds like the perfect combination!

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  8. Beth says:

    The tree is beautiful with the sunset lighting it so softly, winter can be harsh but the winter light is so gentle, just like the silence of a winter day. I need to catch some of your organizing energy!

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  9. Beautiful pictures! Would you like to come organize my cabinets?πŸ˜‰

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