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Tribute to Black History: Horace King, “the most respected bridge-builder in Alabama, Georgia, and northeastern Mississippi during the mid-nineteenth century”*

Note: Item has been updated March 1, 2022 with additional information about Edmund and Susan King An item on The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles last week led me to explore more about the southern bridge builder, Horace King. The Encyclopedia of Alabama … Continue reading

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Great Back Yard Bird Count 2022

I usually have a lot more birds than this year. At first count early afternoon Saturday, I only spotted 2 species. By 4:30 however, the tree was filled with cardinals (5 male and 3 female), my earlier visitors of the … Continue reading

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Mississippi weather this week

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When you are tempted to complain about your life

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Parmesan pecan crusted mahi mahi with roasted tomatoes

It was cold and windy and snowing yesterday and I had no desire to attempt the grocery store. Not only was it cold and windy and snowing, it was Saturday which typically means long lines here. I ventured outside long … Continue reading

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Tank top in 70 degrees yesterday; snow falling and 34 today!

Yesterday I had on a tank top and worked in the yard. The scrap metal from construction that I put on the roadside was gone. Folks not only pick up furniture or clothes or old bar-be-que grills, they will pick … Continue reading

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Studio update!

Doing the happy dance over here! After all the hidden workings (water lines, electric lines, lights, etc. were finished (the contractor’s crew did all those), J began the interior. Freezing weather and rain did not help, but he has finished … Continue reading

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